Jason Namako’s Ring of Honor TV Review
July 15, 2015
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We continue the build to the Death Before Dishonor XIII iPPV on July 24th this week in New York City at the terrible Terminal 5 venue. Virtual Code of Honor out of the way, let’s get to it.

Adam Page vs. Matt Sydal – Solid match, but the post-match angle with Page taking out Sydal while Whitmer made ACH watch and forcing Colby Corino to assist The Decade in their attack on Sydal was very well done and put a lot more sizzle on the Page/ACH and Whitmer/Corino rivalries. Sydal recently has appeared for Dragon Gate in Japan and has started taking other indy bookings, so its unclear if this was a way to write him off ROH TV for the foreseeable future, but whatever the case, match was solid and the angle to put a lot of needed heat on the Decade faction was very well done.

Veda Scott promo – Good promo here to hype the Cedric Alexander/MOOSE match at the iPPV. Veda is very under-rated and overlooked on the indy scene in terms of both being a heel valet and her promo ability. Both of those suits this year, here in ROH and also in AIW out of Cleveland, have been great for both promotions and Veda, in my opinion, is worth more credit for her recent work than she has been getting of late. This was good stuff.

Silas Young vs. Will Ferrara – Simple match with the finish of Dalton Castle’s Boys costing Silas the match and him laying them out afterwards doing more to continue the rivalry between Silas and Castle. Nothing more to it than that.

Jay Lethal vs. Mark Briscoe – Fine main event. Roderick Strong did real well on commentary, putting over the match with Lethal at the iPPV, as well as his past histories with both Lethal and Truth Martini and giving a lot of exposition to the new Destination America viewer so they can become invested in this main event match for the iPPV. Liked the dog & pony show finish with everyone getting involved leading to Lethal’s title retention and the post-match angle to set-up the 8-Person Tag next week was a lot of fun, especially the final portion with ODB.


Overall, ROH TV this week, while not your protypical hour of great wrestling, had a lot of solid wrestling, with lots more emphasis on garnering heat and sizzle to the heels for their respective rivalries heading into Death Before Dishonor. A lot of these rivalries have been pre-heated for the iPPV, can’t wait for them to get the meat and potatoes sizzling.

After one more virtual Code of Honor, I bid you aideu for this week. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you next week in New York City for more of Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America! Have a good one!

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