7/23 Smackdown: Just a leftover show

Dustin Holland reviews WWE Smackdown for 7/9/15

WWE Smackdown Review
July 24, 2015
By: Dustin Holland of Wrestleview.com

Welcome to this week’s review of WWE Smackdown. Coming off of Battleground this was expected to be a decent show progressing he storylines towards Summerslam. After the Epic showdown between Lesnar and Undertaker on RAW, I was expecting a really good show. The problem though is that instead of making Smackdown a follow up from RAW, it was used more as a leftover show. What I mean by that is, it seems to me that other than the use of Ambrose and Rollins, this show was just everyone else that was left after RAW was over. In a way that is fine, but it leaves me feeling less interested in the main storylines when they throw in too many minor ones. Overall the matches were actually enjoyable. There was not one match that I felt the urge to fast forward my way through. This was an above average Smackdown his week in part to the match quality alone.


Dean Ambrose didn’t have to say much to get over last night. The crowd started the “You look stupid” chant and Ambrose rolled with it saying enough said. He continues to impress me with his promo ability and this feud with the Wyatt Family reuniting should provide some really entertaining back and forths just due to how many parties are involved. Between Wyatt and Ambrose cutting promos for the next four weeks, Roman Reigns could not ask for a better scenario. He won’t have to say much, which is good for him being that his mic skills are still the biggest thing holding him back. Add to that, the possibility of Sting being involved in this whole thing, and we are talking about a huge push for all involved.


I may be in the minority here but I really enjoy the storyline leading up to the eventual match between Stardust and Stephen Amell at Summerslam. The Superhero montages are great and it’s giving Stardust a good push. I also enjoyed the looks of confusion from Neville as Stardust talked backstage. Stardust is a buried talent, one of many in the WWE and I hope this will give him a push towards more spotlight. I know he will never be his father but I see that charisma in there somewhere just waiting to explode.


So much for the Diva Revolution. The match between Team BAD and The Bellas was not a terrible match but there was no push towards the Revolution storyline. I would assume if they want this to go anywhere they will need to involve more than the usual performers and bring in some more people for an invasion type angle.


I was beginning to wonder if Kevin Owens was going to be pushed to the side already after the apparent repush of John Cena upcoming with Seth Rollins. I really felt bad when I saw him as one of the “backstage guys” during the Undertaker and Lesnar brawl. I was glad to see that he was put in a match with Cesaro. With the pop Cesaro has been getting lately, this could become one of the better heel, face rivalries going through the summer. I still see Owens becoming the ultimate Stone Cold type heel for the WWE sometime in the future. Cesaro is technically the soundest wrestler I have seen in a while. There are rarely any hiccups in his timing and he will continue to give us quality matches as long as he is being used regularly.


* Sheamus is really awful. I mean just awful. He may be the worst Money in the Bank holder of all time. He will never be a real WWE World Heavyweight Champion and I can see the WWE Brass turning on him forcing him to a match with the MITB on the line.

* Byron Saxton was back on commentary due to Jerry Lawler’s absence. So let’s just say the volume was turned down to a minimum.

* Seth Rollins is the man when it comes to putting guys over these days. The Main Event was very well done and Seth did great at putting Cesaro over and then walking away as Owens came down. So in a way he was singlehandedly put both guys over by just winning the match.

Favorite Moment of the Night: Ambrose one liner agreeing with the “You look stupid” chant from the crowd, literally made me laugh out loud.

Least Favorite Moment of the Night– When they panned to the announce team and Byron Saxton was back. The guy is second rate and they need to keep him off of TV. If they want him on the network, fine, but not TV. He is ridiculous.

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