7/29 ROH: Pedestrian show, great angle

Jason Namako’s Ring of Honor TV Review
July 29, 2015
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Coming off last week’s unique 200th episode format with half a clip show and one main event match, Ring of Honor is back to normal with this week’s show. How would they get back to normal? Virtual Code of Honor out of the way, let’s find out, shall we?

The Kingdom vs. Jonathan Gresham & Corey Hollis – Simple squash for The Kingdom, although Gresham got some nice hope spots. Gresham is a very talented performer from watching him on the indies over the last couple of years, hoping he can get a regular ROH gig in the future. Maria on commentary acting like nothing was wrong with the Kingdom with their recent problems with Adam Cole also made this not be something to outright skip. Decent stuff here.

Caprice Coleman vs. Brutal Bob Evans vs. Silas Young vs. Cheeseburger vs. Dalton Castle vs. MOOSE – Fun cluster of a match that also allowed to give a little more forward process in the Silas/Castle and Cheeseburger/Evans rivalries. MOOSE getting the duke was the right call to get some sizzle back on him after recently losing the undefeated streak. Enjoyed this.

BJ Whitmer-Corinos angle – The best angle done so far in this long-standing rivalry between Whitmer and Steve Corino where Corino finally snapped and decided to get involved before anything bad happened to his son with Whitmer attempting to put him in a Gauntlet Match with 4 massive dudes. Whitmer got NUCLEAR heat by the New York crowd and he cut a great promo as the cult leader, brainwashing Colby just to stick it to Corino. Colby’s wide-eyed facial reactions during Whitmer’s promos were great and the trigger line by Whitmer to Corino, bringing up his wife and year-old son was the stamp line this angle and story needed to really drive it home. Starting to see a lot of forward progression in this story in recent months, which is good, because it appears now that there is finally a light at the end of this tunnel when for several months, it didn’t seem that happen. Great stuff, best thing on the show this week.

ACH vs. Bobby Fish – Solid main event, but after weeks of very noteworthy main events, this was very pedestrian compared to prior weeks. Don’t get me wrong, this was good, but this just didn’t feel like the main event of a ROH TV program, no fault of the guys involved. Fish gets a nice win as he seems primed for a TV Title shot against Lethal down the line, while ACH continues to tread water in the mid-card through no fault of his own. The window is closing on making ACH a big-time player in ROH and I wonder if ROH even cares to let that window close, what a shame.


Overall, a very pedestrian ROH show, but highlighted with a great angle to give a lot of steam to the Whitmer-Corino rivalry. Other than that, this is one you can afford to miss this week, which is very rare to say for an episode of ROH TV. However, next week’s show looks like it will pick up the steam lost with this week’s show, so that’s the positive you can take away from this.

After one more virtual Code of Honor, I bid you aideu for this week. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you next week in New York City for more of Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America! Have a good one!

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