Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 8/5/15

TNA Final Impact
August 5, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

After weeks of mediocore (and less than mediocre) episodes of Impact, TNA redeemed themselves with No Surrender. Yes, it was a two match show but they were two damn good matches. Rockstar Spud vs. Austin Aries and EC3 vs. Matt Hardy stole the show while the rest of the card was just a bunch of filler that was okay at best and boring as hell at worst.

I missed the first half hour because of a power outtage but it didn’t sound like I missed much. I love the Bram character and I think his intensity is awesome, but it is hard to get interested about this feud at all no matter how hard he tries.

Gail worked hard in the match with the Dollhouse but I hate Handicap Matches and it doesn’t do much at all for a heel group to have three members get beat by one single wrestler even if one of those three ran off during the match. They are building Gail back up nicely but all the while sh*tting on The Dollhouse.

Drake/Galloway was okay while it was lasted but its pretty clear those two could have an awesome match if they were actually given a little time.

I didn’t care much about Khoya joining The Revolution and the most useless, and green for that matter, member of the group feuding with Storm interests me even less. Manik has more talent in his pinky than Khoya will ever have so why don’t they give him a little screen time instead?

Aries/Spud put on one hell of a show with a terrific match. Spud is extremly great as the underdog babyface, he manages to get a ton of sympathy with his selling, and Aries busted his ass for Spud. I truly hope that we haven’t seen the last of Aries in TNA but he definitley went out with a bang as he and Spud made chicken salad out of chicken sh*t with that rushed program. The interaction between Roode and Aries after the match was really cool too and leaves things open ended enough that if Aries comes back they can just pick right back up with the Dirty Heels.

Just as quick as Bully Ray’s return happened he leaves in what will be the most forgettable run as an authority figure in the history of wrestling. That was Anonoymous Raw GM levels of stupid to bring him in for that short period of time (okay maybe not THAT bad). I think we all know where the Jarrett stuff is leading and I hope that it will lead to some cool, fresh matchups and some interesting TV.

The Main Event was another great match from EC3 as a guy that the internet LOVED to trash when he first came to TNA proves more and more each week why he is a star. Hardy bumped his ass off for EC3 but EC3 took his share of wicked bumps too. I think Jeff has spoiled fans with these types of matches where fans always expect some insane spot we have never seen before, but Matt more than held his own and it was another great match.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Dirty Heels goodbye to each other
– Match of the Night: Full Metal Mayhem/Spud vs. Aries (****)
– Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Jeff Jarrett books Impact.