8/6 Smackdown: Roman Reigns improving

Dustin Holland reviews WWE Smackdown for 8/6/15

WWE Smackdown Review
August 8, 2015
By: Dustin Holland of Wrestleview.com

We are in the home stretch now heading toward SummerSlam and it would seem that the 4 hour extravaganza is beginning to fill up. More matches are added every week and this week on Smackdown, Bray Wyatt accepted a challenge from Roman Reigns where he will team up with Dean Ambrose and go family vs. family. That was really the highlight of the night as it was a pretty cut and dry show. There were some really good promos this week featuring of all people Roman Reigns…yep that Roman Reigns. The match quality was on par with what it has been lately, so nothing really stood out there for me. Let’s take a look at what went down.

Reigning Supreme

Roman Reigns opened the show cutting a promo challenging The Wyatt Family to a match at Summerslam. This was nothing special, but then Rusev interrupted and Reigns really impressed me. He was witty and sharp. His timing has improved week by week and there are far less mishaps than there used to be with his earlier promos. I actually laughed out loud at a few of his cracks toward Rusev and Summer Rae. I guess he is finally becoming what they all want him to be.

Be My Hero

Stardust continues to impress me. I am ready to see what will come of this little feud with “Arrow” star Stephen Amell. Personally, I don’t want to see this turn into a match at SummerSlam. My hope is that Amell will come on Monday and make an appearance as Stephen Amell, not Arrow and crush the dream of Stardust fighting the hero. I would then like to see Amell bring out Neville to fight Stardust at SummerSlam. Amell can be the corner man, but not in the match. I believe the time of the hokey non-superstar vs. superstar matches are over. At least I have no interest in seeing it anymore. What do you guys think? Arrow vs. Stardust or Stardust vs. Neville?

Lunatic on the Fringe?

Is anybody else as aggravated as I am about the use of Dean Ambrose the last few months since the feud with Rollins ended? I am shocked that he is not being thrown into one of these upcoming tile pictures. At the least he should be thrown into the feud with Orton and Sheamus. The guy goes from fighting for the WWE Title to being a sidekick for a guy who hasn’t been able to “get over” yet. This week was no different as he just played backup to Reigns for one more main event. Ambrose is ready – like it or not – to step up now. He hasn’t needed help from anyone to be a fan favorite. This guy is looking like another example of a superstar misuse that continues to kill the WWE programming. The roster is too big. They need to do a brand split in my opinion to balance out the talent. NXT is a prime example. Look at Samoa Joe and Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. These guys have followings on a separate branded show and it works. They need this for the main roster talent as well. Separate storylines that don’t run together and a fresh look.

Quick Thoughts

* Diva’s Revolution is a joke. This is a waste of airtime and will go nowhere.

* Ryback’s return in the next few weeks will help give us something fresh. I just wish there were other superstars involved besides Big Show and Miz.

* Rusev will be looking at the return of Dolph Ziggler very soon and this saga will go on all summer. It is a really funny storyline if you actually pay attention. Rusev is a very good sexist freak as Roman Reigns would say.

* The New Day and PTP are providing very good matches and that continued this week. Darren Young had some timing issues, but Titus made him look really good again as he continues to improve in the ring. Xavier Woods is still the best hype man going right now and I liked the new chant at the end of their promo backstage. It will be hard to put “sucks” in with that one.

Favorite Moment of the Night: Roman Reigns making fun of Rusev.

Least Favorite Moment of the Night: Divas Revolution? Wasting my time. I could be getting a snack during this time if I didn’t have to recap the “matches”.

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