Josh Boutwell reviews Impact Wrestling for 8/26/15

Impact Final Thoughts
August 26, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

This week was pretty solid especially from a match standpoint with a lot of good action in the ring. I think it was pretty obvious where they were going with Jeff Jarrett running Impact so no surprise there and nothing earth shattering with any of the storylines either. Good action though which was nice to see.

I just hope the feud between EY and Melendez is over, that was just bad stuff and the match was just as boring as every other match they have had. Move on to something else.

The 3-Way between X-Division guys was great, nonstop action that I wish had another 5 or so minutes to really get going. It feels like they are not letting these guys really get into third gear in these matches.

The promo between the Hardyz and EC3 was fine but just more of the same we have heard from them so it wasn’t anything great.

Brooke/Velvet was fine for what it was but Velvet’s offense looks so horrible sometimes. Rebel joining The Dollhouse was different but she is still very green and I don’t know what she is going to add to the group.

The Tag Match was really good, Abyss and Manik worked well together, and TNA really needs more teams that The Wolves can play off of and have matches like that even when they are not in a current storyline.

The 4-Way was really great stuff with all four guys working well together and building up nicely to all the false finishes at the end. I really wish they had more for Lashley to do right now as it seems that everyone in that match has something going on right now except him. He is too great to be just kind of floating around without a program. I would actually like to see Lashley and PJ Black have a few showdowns, that dynamic could be really great considering the matches he had with Aries last year.

The final segment was really well done and, like I said, I’m sure most people saw that whole GFW turn coming but it was still really solid. Karen’s short promo was really good but it was still kind of awkward for Jeff to just be cool with Karen coniving like that but women tend to do that to us. Drew was really good in that whole thing as well. I’m looking forward to this feud going forward.

– Promo/Segment of the Night: Jeff Jarrett/Dixie/Galloway
– Match of the Night: 4-Way (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: C+