DVD Review: WWE – The Kliq Rules

Darragh O'Connor reviews WWE The Kliq Rules DVD

DVD Review: WWE – The Kliq Rules
September 13, 2015
By: Darragh O’Connor of Wrestleview.com

There are few things in wrestling as hallowed or notorious as The Kliq; a group loved by some and hated by others. A group that skirts the line between Kayfabe and reality so well there full story would thought to always be a secret. So I was beyond excited to finally get to hear what actually happened when this one was announced. Thanks to WWE Home Video, I was able to take a look at this new release and find out.

Out of the gate, this DVD is told via Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac and Triple H. They run through the major talking points of The Kliq: their formation, the “Curtain Call” incident, and their paths in both WWE and WCW during The Monday Night War. The documentary is for the most part what was on the WWE Network. But if you don’t have the Network, buy this now!

As you would expect, the first disc is the main documentary and it’s just great. I loved seeing the guys tell the story in their own words but also having Vince and The Undertaker talk openly about the events which until now were kept very close to the chest. While not as lengthy as the Paul Heyman documentary; it has a clear focus and the rest of the material has been covered in other DVDs over the years.

I loved the WCW section; it is perhaps the better of the WWE produced discussion of WCW and the impact of the Kliq on that company. There is less rehash material in this DVD unlike “The Rise and Fall of WCW” set. If you like any of The Kliq guys at all; you’ll really enjoy the main chunk of the set.

The other two DVD discs contain a lot of matches; the scope of these is just huge from WWE in 1993 through WCW and into TLC 2009. The matches are just outstanding and you’ll want to watch the lot; there is no filler here. I would recommend picking up the Blu-Ray set as the Blu-Ray exclusives are worth the extra few Pounds, Euros or Dollars.

I have always enjoyed WWE releases but over the past few months; The Shield and D Bryan sets were okay while the Sting DVD set was just dire. I am pleased to say that this is up there with the Paul Heyman DVD as one of the best WWE DVDs ever. BUY THIS ONE!

Overall Rating: 8/10

The “WWE: The Kliq Rules” set is out now from WWE Home Video.

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