Josh Boutwell reviews TNA Impact Wrestling for 9/23/15
Impact Final Thoughts
September 23, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of
Two weeks from Bound for Glory TNA finally started to build some feuds and stories leading to that PPV thankfully. Tonight was filled with some really good wrestling with plenty of time devoted to the in-ring action which made for a fun show. 
The opening segment was fine and set up not only the Main Event but the Lumberjack Match. I have found it really hard to give a damn about this feud, though EY has played an awesome asshole heel, but it did give the fans a feel good moment with Melendez finally overcoming EY. That had to be the most pointless Lumberjack Match ever though as the Lumberjacks never really got involved. The one leggend Missile Dropkick from Melendez was pretty impressive. I also like that they at least gave an excuse for why EY could turn on TNA and still have a job, but the whole “iron clad contract” is so played out at this point. I have no idea why TNA (and WWE too) thinks that is such a good excuse in a storyline especially after we have seen so many wrestlers fired over the years that have a contract. It’s just lazy booking in my opinion. 
I am so sick of seeing those clips from the Jeff Jarrett DVD. The GFW feud is over so it makes absolutely no sense why the hell they would keep showing those stupid things. Please just stop! 
Tigre and King had a really fun match which I think will probably end up being King’s final TNA match shown on TV. They worked hard and given more time would have been even better but it was a really good, athletic back and forth match.
Jade and Gail had a hell of a match and they really worked well together. I’d love to see those two in the ring together more often. Jade doesn’t get the chance to really show what she can do usually because she has been stuck in the ring mostly with girls like Brooke and Velvet Sky who can’t really work so it was nice to see her in there with someone that is equally as athletic and good in the ring. 
EC3-Spud was good but compared to their Mask vs. Mask Match was nothing. It was too short for them to really tell much of a story other than the obvious, underdog story. Spud was good in his role and they had a decent short TV match overall.
The Elimination Match was easily the best match on the show with everyone really looking good in it. The Wolves double teaming everyone made perfect sense throughout the match but then them fighting each other before Galloway or Lashley had been eliminated ending up costing them. I wonder if we could end up seeing them feud anytime soon? I honestly think Davey and Eddie would have a wonderful feud but that needs to be way down the line because TNA is so slim on tag teams right now they really can’t afford to lose them. Honestly, I can’t even think of another team that TNA has right now which is really sad. They need to sign a team from the Indies immediately and there are plenty of great ones out there to pick from. Galloway-EC3 should be a good match but I hope that Lashley doesn’t get left as the odd man out at BFG. 
EC3’s promos were strong tonight but I think there has been way too much focus on the stuff between he and Jeff Hardy. Jeff is likely going to be the special referee at BFG but there needs to be more focus on the actual match itself rather than the guy that is going to be the referee. Yes, I understand that Jeff is from North Carolina and they want to make sure everyone knows he will be at BFG though I’m sure they wish he could wrestle that night. It will be interesting to see what they do with Matt Hardy that night as they will obvioulsy want to get him in the ring. Shane Helms is an agent in TNA now and I don’t know what his health is right now but it could be a pretty cool nostalgic match for those two to face other. 
– Promo/Segment of the Night: EC3
– Match of the Night: 5-Way Elimination Match (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: B