11/12 Smackdown: Not big on Del Rio angle

Alex Kahrs reviews WWE Smackdown for 11/12/15

WWE Smackdown Review (Layin’ the SmarkDown!)
November 15, 2015
By: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Hello WrestleViewniverse, and welcome to your latest edition of Layin’ the SmarkDown! The tournament to crown a new WWE Champion continued, The Usos took on the Wyatt Family in a tag team main event (playa), and much more!

Wyatt Family Promo: Good stuff, it was interesting to hear words from each of the guys in the Family before Bray spoke up about the situation. I think we were all kinda hoping for a traditional Survivor Series match, but in some ways it makes more sense if it’s strictly between Taker/Kane and the Wyatts.

Strowman/Fandango(!): Oh hey, Fandango’s on TV ag–aaaand he’s gone.

Neville/Barrett: It was “The Man That Gravity Forgot” versus “The Man That WWE Creative Forgot,” but the match itself was good. Plenty of action, and I loved Barrett’s little quips and comments throughout (“How much is he paying you!?” is my favorite thing ever). Plus, we’re getting Neville/Owens on RAW this Monday, and that’s gonna be awesome.

Usos Interview: Was there. I’ve never been big on The Usos, but it’s nice to see them around again.

Kalisto/Ryback: A tremendous match from both guys. Shocked that Kalisto got the win, but it helps give that impression that any of these guys has a shot of taking the tou–oh, who am I kidding, Roman’s gonna win this thing. Still, the illusion of it being anyone’s ball game is nice.

Zeb/ADR Promo: Was there. I’m STILL not that big on this angle.

ADR/Stardust: Good match. It feels weird having the IC and US champions both in this tournament, but I suppose it makes more sense than putting in a bunch of other midcarders and NXT talent, right?

Roman Reigns Interview: Was there. Believe that. (It actually wasn’t terrible, just not super notable)

Main Event: One of the hardest things about recapping an Uso tag match is figuring out who’s in the ring. Other than that, this was a good match. I honestly quite liked the finish where Bray basically looks sick of the Usos having fun, and has his Family attack. It’s the part where Undertaker answers Bray’s challenge that is a bit better, though; that match is either going to be really good or really terrible, but at least it’ll be interesting.

[Bonus Content!] I realize it wasn’t part of the TV broadcast, but that Barrett segment with Undertaker was probably the most entertaining thing I’ve seen them do with this year’s King of the Ring in some time. And honestly, that’s pretty sad. #GiveBarrettAChance

Well, that’s it for this week’s jolly ol’ Layin’ The SmarkDown! What did you think of the show? How shocked were you that Kalisto beat Ryback? Did it feel weird to only have the Divas mentioned this week without a proper match or segment? Do you think they would put the WWE title on “anyone but you, Roman” through this tournament? Sound off in the comments, or let me know on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks! Till next time, this is Alex Kahrs reminding you to be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!

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