Josh Boutwell reviews Impact Wrestling for 11/25/15
TNA Impact: Final Thoughts 
November 25, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of 
The Group Round of the World Title Series came to a close tonight and with it TNA had probably the best night of in-ring action of the entire series thus far. This week’s Impact was full of exciting action throughout the show, and that is hard to do in front of a crowd that had no idea what was going on with the matches when they were taped. Especially considered these matches were taped several months ago. 
The opening match with the X-Division guys was nonstop from start to finish with all three looking great. The match made sense in regards to the way they handled it with the tie amongst the three in their group but I’m sure it was extremely confusing to the live audience. It was fitting that it was a very Lucha influenced 3-Way considering how almost all of the X-Division matches in this series of had a huge Lucha influence. These three being a big part of that reason is not surprising at all. A lot of times in Lucha when they do a 3-Way Mask vs. Mask Match it will be done in this style where the last left gets his mask taken, or in this instance is eliminated from the Tournament. Tigre Uno’s matchup in the next round is possibly the most interesting matchup of all the series with Gail facing Tigre. That match has the potential to be really great with Gail having a chance to fly around with someone that can match her speed, not something she is able to do much in the Knockouts. 
Drew-Spud was really good too and Spud playing up his underdog role as well as ever. I liked that they teased Drew getting frustrated with him to the point where he almost Powerbombed him off the apron and then the hesitation almost costing him. 
Grado getting pinned the way he did at least made it seem like it can happen at any time and I love that Pope put over that if he was going to act goofy with an opportunity like that he deserved to be beaten that quickly. It feels like they want to do something with Grado going forward with the way he was booked in this tournament but I think maybe I am just reading too much into it. 
Davey-Robbie was absolutely spectacular and Robbie has been killing it in this Tournament. I did want to see Davey move on because I think he offers the better matchups in the next rounds but I almost wanted Robbie to just to see what he can do. He has never been on a roll like this, in terms of match quality, in his career and it is nice to see his character get a nice little jumpstart. They need to improve on that when things start back up for TNA in 2016. 
Micach-Jessie was pretty boring because neither really has much exciting about them right now. Both are athletic with good looks and can wrestle for the most part but it just seems like both are missing something and the match just didn’t click. 
Steve-King was okay and probably the best singles match of Steve’s career, some of the spots they did were pretty cool which is the most you can say for it. 
The Main Event was absolutely terrific and the Match of the Tournament thus far in my opinion. They played that match up so well down the stretch with Aries getting more and more desperate to win as the time limit came closer and closer. I just wish they would have announced it in the arena and maybe the crowd could have gotten hotter as it got closer. Aries and Lashley always work so well together and I truly hope this wasn’t the last time we get to see them together, but if it is then they went out with a bang. 
The Round of 16 bracket reveal kind of felt like the BCS Selection Show or NCAA Tournament Bracket announcements ESPN does. It was short but a nice a little introduction for the next round, as was the promos that several of the guys did for their matches afterward. 
-Promo/Segment of the Night: Round of 16 Brackett Reveal 
-Match of the Night: Aries vs. Lashley (****)
-Overall Grade: A-