5/12 WWE Smackdown Review: Great debut for Dana Brooke, Fatal 4 Way has some great potential at Extreme Rules

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Alex Kahrs reviews WWE Smackdown for 5/12/16

WWE Smackdown Review
May 13, 2016
By: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com


The road to Extreme Rules is being paved, with some of the big feuds and matches coming to a head on this week’s Smackdown!

Opening Segment: Ambrose continues to shine in the Lunatic Fringe personality, with hints of what made him stand out in the first place. Jericho, meanwhile, continues to show why he’s about as good as he says he is, and I’ve really enjoyed this feud even if it does get a little hokey at times (eye for an eye, plant for a jacket? Um, okay…).

Rusev/Sin Cara: Good match for what it was, and I get the feeling this Rusev/Kalisto feud will be a reboot of sorts for Rusev after everything with the League of Nations.

Brooke/Lynch: Good women’s match, great little debut for Dana Brooke. Welcome to the main roster, Dana!

New Day/Vaudevillains Segment: New Day continue their brand of comedy, and as repetitive as it can be at times, it works. This is counterbalanced by some great pure mic work from Gotch and English, who continue to show what made them great in NXT.

English/Kingston: A fun match that I wish could’ve gone on a little longer. Alas, such is the life of televised wrestling lol.

Usos/Club: First of all, pretty brilliant subtle references calling these guys “The Club.” This was a good match with a great finish, showing the M.O. of Gallows and Anderson in the process.

Gorgeous Tru–: You know what, I’m not even going to go any further with this. You know I’m a pretty optimistic guy, I try to give some of these angles the benefit of the doubt, but how long has this “will they or won’t they” angle gone on? And now we’re getting (hopefully) close to the end, but this comes about a month tops after the latest wrinkle of their own separate teams. I just about give up on this whole thing. Wake me up when Golden Truth finally teams up and wins the tag titles, but for now…zzz

Charlotte Segment: It was really subtle I think, but the idea of Charlotte starting to get a little sick of her father trying to spin her success into his own legacy is intriguing, and now I can’t wait to see how her match against Natalya pans out at Extreme Rules…and I wasn’t too sure about that about a week or two ago.

Main Event: Oh man, this was so much fun to watch. It’s a perfect example of what makes each guy so great, with great ring work and wonderful charisma. I love the bit about Miz and Owens continuing to begrudgingly team together, and it was interesting to have the champion standing tall at the end. Still, this Fatal Four Way has some great potential come Extreme Rules.

Well, that’s it for Smackdown! What did you think of the show? Are you excited for Extreme Rules? Are there any redeeming qualities of this whole Golden Truth thing? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks! While you’re at it, come on over to my website PowerToTheSmarks.com and check out the latest, including my new Legends of the Lucha Temple shirt you can get at WhatAManeuver.net! Until next time, this is Alex Kahrs reminding you to be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!