WWE SummerSlam Review

WWE SummerSlam Review 8/21/16
WWE SummerSlam Review
August 22, 2016
By: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Following a successful return to the UFC, Brock Lesnar was set to make his in-ring return against Randy Orton in what was touted as a match that was 15 years in the making.

This, of course, was set to cap off an over four hour long PPV event on the WWE Network featuring five championship matches including a first ever WWE Universal Champion.

Last year was the first experiment of extending SummerSlam to four hours. It’s pretty clear that a year later that experiment should have been put in storage. The Brooklyn crowd was completely spent by the time the main event was set to kick off and understandably so. WWE might be trying to make SummerSlam weekend the next version of WrestleMania weekend, but it doesn’t seem to be working and fans seem to agree.

Brock Lesnar bloodies up Randy Orton

If you saw Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE back in 2012, you witnessed him bloody up John Cena the same way he handled Randy Orton on Sunday night. I gave Cena credit four years ago when he allowed Lesnar to drop serious elbows to his head to bust him open the hard way and I’ll give the same credit to Orton for allowing the same.

I’ve seen speculation that Orton may have been legitimately knocked out at one point from the blows Lesnar threw and maybe went off script. It would be crazy for Lesnar to throw legitimate shots like that without being given the okay first. I’ll allow for the possibility that maybe he took liberty and took it a bit too far. Regardless, it came off great.

One of the biggest issues in pro wrestling right now is a lack of reality and realism. Whether you enjoy or dislike Brock Lesnar, you can’t deny he doesn’t bring that to the table every time he is utilized by WWE. He brings an overwhelming sense of danger that literally no one else on the WWE roster possess. Yes, you can make an argument that by using Lesnar it weakens the rest of your roster. Maybe four years in that argument is wearing a bit thin. I’m still a fan of the presentation and I really enjoyed the story these two told leading up to the bloody ending. Lesnar and Orton had to contend with a crowd that was clearly gassed and I thought they did a phenomenal job keeping interest up until the end.

Finn Balor wins a World Championship in his WWE PPV debut

I noted in my RAW review last week that I was curious to see how Finn Balor would do on a big stage like this in Brooklyn. I was always very underwhelmed by a lot of what I saw from Balor during his run in NXT, especially during big main events. That was not the case on Sunday. Balor stepped up big time and I loved him going full bore right at the beginning of the match at Rollins. It really set a fun pace and Rollins clearly worked hard to make the offense of Balor look top notch. It’s clear WWE wants to usher in a new era and giving Balor the ball to run with this early into his stint on the main roster is a risk that may pay off.

Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler disappoint

No other way to say it: Ambrose and Ziggler just didn’t have a good night in Brooklyn and the crowd wasn’t having any of it. I’m still confused why I should care or be invested in the Dean Ambrose care – let alone that he is the current WWE World Champion. I was pretty surprised by the call to put in Ziggler in a situation like this out of no where and the end result proved that feeling to be overwhelmingly accurate. It just never quite came together between these two. WWE has a lot of work to do if they intend of pushing Ambrose as the face of Smackdown. Right now it’s just not interesting.

John Cena and AJ Styles tear down the house

This match definitely won me over the most. I’m absolutely blown away at the great chemistry Cena and Styles have together in the ring. While I’m not a huge fan of false finishes being constantly repeated, WWE was smart to really space them out between these two and really made you feel like the finish could go either way. It’s incredibly impressive to see how well adjusted Styles has become on the WWE roster and the high quality matches he’s able to be part of. I’m sure a lot of people complained about how Styles won back in June, so getting the clean win really sets up a ton of possibilities for Styles going forward.

Quick Thoughts

* Nikki Bella looked pretty good in her return to WWE.

* Jon Stewart’s appearance just never had a chance of working.

* WWE needs to start doing more with Apollo Crews character wise.

* Charlotte and Sasha Banks was a complete mess. Rare miss between those two.

* Very fun opener with Jericho and Owens vs. Enzo and Big Cass.

Overall Impression

SummerSlam needs to go back to being three hours next year. We tried the experiment in 2015. It didn’t work last year and it didn’t work this year. Between the NXT special the night before, a two hour pre-show and then an over four hour main card, it’s not surprising that the live audience in Brooklyn was completely burned out even two hours into the main show.

It would appear the viewing audience at home felt the same way with 44% of our readers giving the show a thumbs down, 33% thumbs in the middle and 23% thumbs up.

Don’t forget to check out the second episode of Wrestleview Live as I reviewed SummerSlam with Doug Lackey moments after it went off the air on Facebook Live. An audio version is also available on SoundCloud as well.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your SummerSlam thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I thought the event, overall, was good. Ziggler/Ambrose was a low point, but I think partly because they were following Styles/Cena, partly because they’re the WWE World Championship match and were curtain-jerking for the six-woman tag match, and partly because they knew there was no way they COULD follow Styles/Cena, show-off or no. The spacing of matches was really uneven, and was the biggest problem I had; why did the WWE World and Universal Championship matches happen before the United States Championship match? Why were all the SmackDown matches sandwiched so firmly together right in the middle of the show? Solid show, they just gotta figure out the pacing for them.

    Also, c’mon. What in the hell is with the “Universal Championship”? I get that someone must REALLY be REALLY proud of coming up with that design, but did they need to recycle it a second time, just with RED leather? That was really weak, and really disappointing.

  2. My biggest issue with the show last night was that WWE continues to show no regard for their mid-card titles. We get a 5 minute IC title match, and a non-start U.S. title match, after giving us Rusev/Reigns for 30 minutes for free on Monday night. It’s ridiculous.

    I think the main event would have come off better if it hadn’t been placed right after another non-finish (or again…non-start). Putting those two matches back to back was not a smart call.

    Cena/Styles and Rollins/Balor were incredible. Not much more needs to be said that hasn’t already been said about that.

  3. I wonder if WWE was running long so basically had to scratch the last 2 matches. I also think Brock/Orton was not supposed to end that way. But if it was it may set up Shane bringing in Goldberg to take on Brock. It may work where we get another match at Survivor Series, setting up a Goldberg return at Royal Rumble. Goldberg prevents Brock from winning setting up a Wrestlemania rematch.

  4. You can thank OCC for another identical design.. Since they no longer have a tv show to make their motorcycles they need money some how. Now we have 3 very similar titles.

    I was hoping for a totally different design, or making it like one of the older belts ie. Hulk Hogan – round eagle. I mean it is it is a Universal championship, where is the universe picture.

    Well, at least for now there are no plans to change any other titles. I hope the Smackdown tag titles don’t look like that.

  5. i think the show would have been better if it ended with the balor/rollins match, specially with balor winning. it’s just weird that the two world title matches are practically mid-card,even coming before the US title match.

  6. some good matches, some wasted effort. DZ/DA was disappointing, Finn was a surprise, Cena/Styles was epic, Nikki is gorgeous as good as ever, great to see her back [and her front, haar]
    no sure what was going on w/ Lesnar, the excess blood made it look off script but given the ensuing stuff, which looked scripted and rehearsed, i dunno?

  7. I felt really bad for Balor and Rollins, because while they did win over the crowd by the end, most of the match, the audience was just bashing the belt. I don’t necessarily blame the audience for hating the belt, either, but it was just a damned shame that they didn’t realize just how hard these two guys were working to entertain them until the last quarter of the match, if that.

  8. Wrestlemania XX was a cluster. between Goldberg and Lesnar. Why would anyone want to see that match 13 years later?

  9. I liked the WWE Championship when Rock debuted it, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when they unveiled IT, but when they showed off the Women’s Championship, I was thinking “Uhhh… Well… I guess it makes sense to have it resemble the men’s Championship…” But this was just lazy. As Adam from WhatCulture put it, it looks like something you could make in the 2k16 Creation Suite, and that’s not a compliment. I was really hoping for something lavish, but traditional. Not a copypasta Championship Belt.

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