Paige reveals her WWE contract is up next year, Says she is “working hard for a come back”

Paige reveals her WWE contract is up next yea

During her recent Twitch stream, Paige revealed that her WWE contract is through June of 2022. 

Paige said the following regarding her WWE contract status: 

“My contract is up in June of next year…Who knows if they would want to give me a new contract? Who’s to say they would want to? If they did, I’d love to have Twitch as a part of the contract.”

Denise Salcedo of noted on Twitter that Paige, on her Twitch stream said that she is working hard to come back to wrestling in the ring, and wants it to be a surprise.  She also said that she does not plan on telling anyone when it will happened.  She did go on to say that her come back will not happen tomorrow, but that she is mentally ready for it and plans to record her progress. 

Paige had a second neck surgery in 2019. She was injured at a live event in December 2017, that forced her to retire. Paige also has said that with Edge and Daniel Bryan returning to the ring, it has been an inspiration to work her way back into action.