More details released on the tragic passing of former WCW and TNA star Daffney

TMZ Sports has acquired a copy of the police report related to the passing of former WCW and TNA Wrestling star Daffney (real name Shannon Spruill, at the the age of 46 this past week. 

Spurill died from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest according to the police report. 

It was also noted in the report that, police went to Spurill’s home in Norcross, GA Thursday for a welfare check. They were met by Spurill’s mom, Jean. They knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so they left without trying to gain entry.

Police then came back a second time a few hours later, and saw Spurill’s car parked near the apartment. A maintenance for the apartment gave police a key, but it did not unlock the deadbolt. So the police called the fire department to break open the door.  It was then they  found Spurill’s body on her bed, with a gunshot wound to her chest and a gun within reach.

The medical examiner has yet to determine the official cause and manner of death.

The TMZ report noted that Spurill had been battling mental health issues and had urged others who were in the same predicament to get help.