Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) debut at AEW All Out

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Bryan Danielson (former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan), and former WWE NXT Superstar Adam Cole made their debut at AEW All Out on Sunday night at the close of the pay-per-view.

Bryan’s WWE contract expired this past April, and Adam Cole became a free agent following last month’s WWE NXT TakeOver 36 event. 

Below is the excerpt from Josh Boutwell’s recap of the show.

The Young Bucks limp to the ring to celebrate with Omega and the Good Brothers. They continue to beat on Christian until Jurassic Express hit the ring. The Elite takes them out, though, and Omega hits Luchasaurus with the title belt.

Omega grabs the microphone and says no one is on his level no matter where they come from. Omega says when it comes to the AEW Title the only people that would ever have a chance to beat him are either not here, already retired or dead. The lights go out and… ADAM COLE IS HERE!

Cole gets in the ring and stares down Omega as the crowd chants “holy shit.” Coel then Superkicks Jungle Boy and hugs The Elite! Omega laughs and says they all bought it and says Cole is one of their best friends.

Cole says The Elite is the most dominant faction in the history of wrestling and there isn’t a chance in hell anyone can stop them. Omega says the only thing he has left to do is to send the home happy and then BRYAN DANIELSON’S MUSIC HITS!

Danielson walks out and helps the babyfaces up and stares The Elite down. Danielson and the babyfaces attack and Cole and Omega retreat! Danielson hits the Flying Knee on Nick Jackson!