Sammy Guevara wins the AEW TNT Championship on Wednesday night’s Dynamite

Sammy Guevara wins the AEW TNT Title

Sammy Guevara is your new won AEW TNT Champion.

Guevara defeated Miro in the main event on Wednesday night’s Dynamite.

Miro held the AEW TNT Championship for 140 days.

Below is an excerpt of the final moments of the match from Josh Boutwell’s recap on how the title change went down:

Miro calls for Game Over but Guevara rolls to the outside. Miro gets pissed off and rips the top turnbuckle pad off of each corner. Fuego del Sol runs out and tries to stop Miro but Miro lays him out. Sammy comes flying in with a Knee Strike that sends Miro into the turnbuckle. Sammy hits a Tornado DDT followed by the GTH! Sammy goes up top and flips off Miro before hitting the 630 Splash! NEW DAMN CHAMP! 1….2…3!