AEW Dynamite Results – 11/10/21 Results(“Full Gear” go-home show)

AEW Dynamite Preview: August 11
AEW Dynamite Results

November 10, 2021
Indianapolis, IN (Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Azucar” Rocky Romero w/Orange Cassidy

Dragon and Romero trained together at NJPW’s LA Dojo in the early 2000s and have faced each other and teamed together countless times in New Japan and in ROH in the past. Danielson and Azucar shake hands at the bell. Best Friends have been asked to join CHAOS by Kazuchika Okada, which is mentioned as they come to the ring. Romero is a former multi time IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with Trent of the Best Friends. Danielson and Romero start off with the sort of chain wrestling you would expect from these two.

Danielson runs Romero over and goes to work on his leg with a series of kicks and elbows. Romero manages to catch Danielson by a surprise with an Armbar but Danielson quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold. Danielson takes Romero down with a Waistlock Takeover but Romero fights back to his feet and backs Dragon into the corner where he throws a series of elbows.

Romero whips Danielson into the opposite corner but he back flips over Romero and then grabs him in a waistlock only for Romero to send him flying through the ropes to the floor. Cassidy taunts Danielson on the outside allowing Romero to hit a Tope Suicida on Dragon. Back in the ring, Romero climbs up top and dives onto Danielson’s arm with a stomp. Romero and Danielson exchange chops and kicks that Dragon gets the better of. Romero dares Danielson to keep kicking him, so Danielson drags him to the middle of the ring and locks him in a Romero Special.

Danielson attempts to transition into a Dragon Sleeper but Romero manages to roll over and grab the ropes only for Dragon to hit him with a series of knees and kicks. Danielson charges at Romero but Romero catches him with an elbow and then a Springboard Swinging DDT. Matt Hardy is sitting front row and he is shown taunting Cassidy. Romero hangs Dragon up in the ropes and nails him with strikes as he is trapped in the ropes. Romero then hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick sending Danielson crashing to the floor.

Romero leaps off the ring steps with a beautiful Diving Rana! In the ring, Romero hits a Sliced Bread for two. Romero hits a series of clotheslines in the corner but as he went for a third one Danielson kills him with a Roaring Elbow and then a Bridging German Suplex for two. Danielson lifts Rocky up to the top rope and climbs up with him for a Super Back Suplex but Romero counters in midair with a Splash for two.

Romero goes right into a Fujiwara Armbar but Danielson deadlifts him in the air and drops Rocky with a Powerbomb. Danielson and Romero exchange strikes but Romero catches Dragon in a Flying Armbar out of nowhere! Danielson reverses the hold into a Kneebar! Romero reverses the hold into a Cross Armbreaker only for Dragon to counter right back into an Ankle Lock. Romero once again counters right back into the Cross Armbreaker! Danielson manages to roll over into a pin for two.

Danielson kicks Rocky in the face and goes for a dropkick but Romero catches him with a Knee Strike. Romero goes for the Sliced Bread but Danielson blocks it and then starts stomping Romero in the face before going for the Labell Lock. Romero blocks it, so Danielson pulls a page out of Konnan’s book and puts him in the Tequila Sunrise for the submission!

Winner: Danielson via submission (Tequila Sunrise)
(Terrific opener. The way these guys did all of the counters and submissions was excellent and what you would expect from two guys that have worked so many times together. The way Danielson is being presented is just so great, he doesn’t beat you with just one finisher. He can beat you with virtually any submission. The Havana Pitbulls/Rottweilers were one of my favorite teams from the early 2000s, so I hope we get to see more of Romero ****)


The Inner Circle comes out for an interview with Schiavone but Men of the Year and ATT attack them as they are walking down the ramp. Junior dos Santos hits a brutal body shot to Sammy Guevara as the others hold him and then they throw Santana into the ring steps. Santos is walking around with a kendo stick blasting members of the The Inner Circle. Andre Arlovski hits Jericho with a trashcan lid.

Men of the Year pull out a table and they lift Jericho up onto Lambert’s shoulders as he Super Bombs Jericho through the table! Scorpio Sky grabs a microphone and says this is just a piece of what they can do and they’ll get the whole thing at Full Gear. Ethan Page says they aren’t just going to win, they are going to make sure Lambert pins Jericho. Lambert then puts Jericho in the Walls of Jericho as Sky forces Jericho’s hand to tap out.

(A great beat down here. Dan Lambert is already a heat magnet but them thoroughly beating the hell out of the babyfaces just puts more heat on this match going into the PPV. Also, Lambert giving the history of the Boston Crab as he had Jericho in it was hilarious.)


Dr. Britt Baker, Rebel & Jamie Hayter vs. Anna Jay, Tay Conti & Thunder Rosa

Jay, Conti and Rosa are wearing matching purple gear. Rosa and Baker start things off countering each other for the first 30 seconds or so. Baker tags Rebel and she attacks Rosa but eats a Hip Toss and a dropkick from the lady from the Graveyards of Mexico. Rosa hits a Quesadora Facebuster and tags Jay. Jay whips Rosa into a Flying Elbow on Rebel and then Jay hits a Flying Hip Attack followed by a Snap Suplex. Hayter attack s Jay from behind and drags her to the floor where she and Baker attack her.


Jay hits a Suplex and a Rolling Neckrbreaker. Conti and Hayter both tag in and Conti is a house afire with clotheslines for all the heels. She hits a series of Pump Kicks, as well. Conti goes for the DDTay but Hayter counters only for Conti to come right back with a counter into the TayKO! 1…2…NO Baker breaks it up! Baker hits a Roaring Elbow and Hayter hits a nasty Backbreaker followed by a Superkick from Baker for two.

Rosa broke up the pin attempt and then walks into a Roundhouse Kick from Rebel as she tagged Hayter. Baker Superkicks Jay as she tried to get involved, as well. Rosa hits a Plancha on Hayter on the floor! Rebel goes for a Big Boot on Tay but she blocks it and hits one of her own followed by the DDTay for the pin. Baker was going to interfere but stopped and retreated instead leaving Rebel out to dry.

Winners: Conti, Jay & Rosa via pinfall (DDTay)
(Solid trios match but maybe a little short. Hayter is really getting good, especially with the bumps she takes, and Rosa is my favorite for the TBS Title. Conti is getting better and better, as well. **1/2)

A vignette airs hyping up Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho.


Jungle Boy vs. Anthony Bowens w/Max Caster

Caster throws shots at Jungle Boy as he freestyles coming to the ring, including making fun of Jungle Boy’s stumbles during promos and his girlfriend (Anna Jay) hanging out with “seven guys” (Dark Order). Bowens and Jungle Boy chain wrestle early on until Bowens just decides to start throwing Jungle Boy down and throwing elbows at him. Jungle Boy tries to come back with some offense but Bowens cuts him off and beats him down again.

Bowens beats Jungle Boy down in the corner but Jungle Boy comes back with his Double Spring Lucha Armdrag and then a dropkick. Jungle Boy chops away at Bowens in the corner and then slaps at Caster who was distracting him on the outside. Jungle Boy attempts to whip Bowens into the corner but Bowens reverses it and then hangs Jungle Boy up in the ropes and goes for the Hanging STO. Jungle Boy blocks it only for Caster to distract him allowing Bowens to hit a Hanging Facebuster.


During the break, a chick at ringside got into Bowens’ face. Jungle Boy fights out of the corner and hits a Basement Dropkick and a Rebound Lariat! Jungle Boy attempts a Vertical Suplex but Bowens blocks it and hits a combination of strikes that knocks Jungle Boy down. Bowens hits a Sidewalk Slam for two. Bowens picks Jungle Boy up but Jungle Boy counters into a rollup for two. Jungle Boy goes for the Snare Trap but Caster gets on the apron until Jungle Boy knocks hi m off.

Jungle Boy ducks a clothesline from Bowens and hits a Tope Suicida onto Caster on the floor! Jungle Boy goes for a Shoulder Block through the ropes but Bowens counters and hits a Hanging DDT off the ropes for a nearfall. Bowens goes for a Uranage Suplex but Jungle Boy counters into an Armdrag. He transitions right into the Snare Trap and Bowens taps!

Winner: Jungle Boy via pinfall (Snare Trap)
(These last few weeks Bowens has really shown just how much he has improved over the last year. Getting to work with Danielson is one thing but then coming right back out and having another great match just cements it. ***)

Bobby Fish runs out and attacks Jungle Boy. He hits a series of knees capped off with a T-Bone Suplex into the ropes. Christian and Luchasaurus run out and chase Fish off.

A video package highlighting Adam Page/Kenny Omega over the past year, excellent stuff. “Hangman, I don’t lose big matches,” Omega says. “You always lose big matches.”

Backstage, Cole introduces The Bucks to Bobby Fish who he says he’s done for a very long time. The Bucks say they know Fish very well but Matt Jackson makes a comment about there not being any “dispute, this is the era of the Elite.” The Bucks say if Cole vouches for him, then he’s cool.
(They’re obviously planting the seeds for an eventual Elite vs. Cole/Fish/???? showdown in the future. I love the little things here and there without shoving it in your face.)

Another beautiful video package highlights Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk including footage of them wrestling in the 2000s for IWA-Mid South.

Wheeler Yuta w/Best Friends vs. Wardlow

Yuta hits a dropkick on Wardlow as he comes in the ring but then Wardlow swats him away and goes for a German Suplex. Yuta elbows him and hits antoher dropkick but Wardlow doesn’t go down. Yuta dives off the top but stumbles and Wardlow kills him with a Sidewalk Slam. Wardlow hits four consecutive Powerbombs and then the Casualty of War for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (Casualty of War)
(This was a bit of a mess even though it was short. Yuta had a bad botch where he slipped off the top. Wardlow did his best to make up for it by just Powerbombing him into oblivion, which made the crowd forget about the botch, though. Casualty of War is just a sloppy looking finish and I don’t know why Wardlow just doesn’t use the F10 more instead, I guess because Spears has a similar finish. *1/2)

The Hardy Family Office hits the ring and attacks Best Friends. Hardy wraps a chair around Cassidy’s neck and hits a Twist of Fate!


Chaos has erupted in the parking lot with CM Punk and Eddie Kingston trying to get at each other.
(I don’t know that I’ve seen a two-week build for a match that has been as minimalist yet excellent as CM Punk vs. Kingston. It starts so subtle, so simple with a passionate Kingston thinking Punk disrespected him and has snowballed. Everything has been so good. Tonight all they did was show a simple video package and these two trying to get to each other to kill one another in the parking lot and yet it’s so effective.)

Dante Martin & Lio Rush vs. Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty

Rush and Martin are wearing matching gear. Moriarty and Martin start things off with Moriarty trying to keep Martin grounded with mat wrestling, but Martin speeds it up and springboards off the ropes before leaping over Moriarty before they both show off some beautiful counter holds. Martin taunts Moriarty and then rolls him up as Moriarty went for a slap. Moriarty with a beautiful bridging pin for a nearfall.

Sydal and Rush tag in and Sydal gets in his face and slaps Rush before hitting a Spinning Back Kick. Sydal goes for a Standing Moonsault but Rush moves and Sydal lands on his feet. Rush and Sydal exchange some beautiful sequences until all four men hit the ring and start fighting.


Martin hits a Sunset Flip on Sydal for two. He then back flips over Sydal and hits a Missile Dropkick off the middle rope. Rush and Moriarty both tag in with Moriarty hitting a series of strikes. Moriarty traps Rush’s arm and kicks his shoulder before hitting a Corkscrew Uppercut. Rush comes back with a series of strikes of his own only for Moriarty to catch him with a modified Michinoku Driver for two.

Sydal and Moriarty double team Rush in the corner but Rush elbows Sydal and kicks Moriarty. He swings at Moriarty and then ducks under him and shoves him into the corner. Rush hits a beautiful Spinning Enziugri on Sydal and then one for Moriarty! Rush goes for a dive but Sydal and Moriarty jump back in the ring only to eat Handspring Elbows from Rush!

Rush hits a Tope Suicida onto Sydal on the outside and then one for Moriarty! In the ring, Rush hits a Corkscrew Unprettier for two. Martin tags in and Rush climbs up top only for Sydal to hit a Leaping Rana. Moriarty leaps up top and hits a Belly-to-Belly Superplex on Martin followed by a Leaping Uppercut for two!

Sydal and Moriarty go for a double team move but Rush comes in with an Enziguri to Sydal and a Hook Kick to Moriarty. Martin hits the Double Spring Moonsault on Moriarty for the pin!

Winners: Rush and Martin via pinfall (Double Spring Moonsault)
(Holy hell, Lio Rush came tonight to prove a point. He has not lost a step and this match was just absolute insanity. The wild thing is it felt like an old ROH/Dragon Gate tag team match at times but at other times like something completely different. It really was the perfect display of modern wrestling. That mix of submission/mat wrestling with insane high flying and fast-paced action almost lucha libre inspired. I need to see more of these two teams and I truly believe Moriarty and Martin are future superstars in AEW. ****)

Miro cuts a promo about Bryan Danielson. He says that Danielson is everything to some but nothing to him and says that Danielson is just a body standing between Miro and his wife. Miro asks if God is willing to trade Bryan’s neck for Miros. Miro says that Danielson should fear him but this isn’t personal. He says that Danielson needs to say goodbye to his wife, so he can say hello to his.

Main Event
Dax Harwood w/Tully Blanchard vs. PAC

Harwood and PAC lock up and neither is able to get the advantage early. Dax slaps PAC and then puts him in a wristlock but PAC reverses it only for Dax to counter again. Harwood and PAC continue to mat wrestle and then speed things up with some more counters. They take each other down but again neither man is able to get the advantage. PAC and Harwood stare each other down and Harwood levels PAC with a clothesline. PAC hits a spin kick as Harwood talks trash to him and PAC lights him up with chops.

They exchange some stiff strikes and then PAC hits a Rebound German Suplex before clotheslining Harwood to the floor. PAC hits the Fosbury Flop onto Harwood on the floor!


PAC hits a Super Brainbuster off the top! PAC hits as Mafia Kick in the corner and goes up top and hits a Shotgun Missile Dropkick. PAC goes back up top but Harwood rolls to the other side to a chorus of boos. PAC hits a Flying Elbow in the corner and then another Mafia Kick. PAC charges again but this time Tully pulls Harwood out of the way. Harwood hits a Brainbuster of his own for two!

Harwood attempts another Brainbuster but PAC escapes and hits a Superkick. PAC goes to the top but Harwood crotches him. Harwood goes up and hits a Belly-to-Back Superplex on PAC! Harwood goes for a Lariat but PAC ducks and hits a German Suplex! PAC goes for a German again but Harwood escapes and ducks a roundhouse kick from PAC followed by hitting a Lariat!

Harwood hits a beautiful Rebound Liger Bomb for two! Harwood hits a series of elbows and uppercuts until PAC catches him with a Backslide out of nowhere. PAC transitions into the Rings of Saturn for the submission!

Winner: PAC via submission (Rings of Saturn)
(The level of in-ring action in AEW right now is at a level we haven’t seen a long time. It really feels like every single match are guys going out with the intention of stealing the show and it makes for some unbelievable TV. Dax Harwood rarely gets to shine in singles action and knocked it out of the park, of course he had a pretty great partner tonight in doing so. ****)

Cash Wheeler hits the ring and attacks PAC but the lights go out. When the lights come back on Black and Andrade are in the ring. They put the boots to PAC, as well. The Lucha Brothers and Cody Rhodes hit the ring and clean house as the heels retreat.


A video package highlights Darby Allin vs. MJF.

Tony Schiavone hosts the contract signing between Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. The Dark Order and The Elite have been forced to leave the arena. Hangman says that after all this time he doesn’t know what there is left to say and the sooner he signs this contract the sooner he gets to Full Gear to whip Omega’s ass. He signs the contract and hands it over to Omega.

Omega starts to sign but stops and says he wishes he could share the excitement that Page and the fans have but he’s actually a little sad. He says they were like family at one point and says everything in AEW was meant for Page but the Elite always had to pick Page up and put him back out there because of Page’s insecurities and failures. Omega says he always saw a little bit of himself in Page but he was wrong and Page is a disappointment.

Page says he might be wrong about his insecurities and Omega reminds him that he once had a partner he had his own insecurities about (Kota Ibushi). Page says that now after everything he may have surpassed that partner. Page says that Omega was always afraid of him and Omega always picked him up and tried to keep him from failing because he knew that he would become what Omega became.

Omega says he cared about Page and that he just wanted to make sure Page reached his full potential and offers a handshake to him. He tells Page that they should kill this beef at the PPV and Page accepts the handshake. Omega mockingly says he’s proud of Page and then the camera man hits Page from behind revealing that it’s Don Callis. Omega signs the contract in Page’s blood.

(Contract signings can be a bit boring/redundant but they did a good job of giving a final push for their match. The video package earlier in the night did a good job hitting on the history between Omega and Page and they kind of emphasized that here with Omega’s intentions in their partnership being brought up. The bit about Don Callis was superb. I don’t know if he had a personal issue or something that has kept him off TV or if he really did stay away just for this moment. Great stuff.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was one of the best episodes of Dynamite of the year. They put emphasis on every single match for Full Gear – whether it be a promo, video package, match, brawl, etc. – along with including some excellent in-ring action. AEW is really hitting its stride right now and I have a feeling that will just continue this weekend with Rampage and the PPV.

Full Gear Lineup (11/13):
-Buy-In Match: Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida
-PAC & Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black & Andrade el Idolo
-Falls Count Anywhere Trios Match: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & Christian Cage vs. The SuperKliq (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)
-Darby Allin vs. Sting
-Street Fight: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Men of the Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page) and America’s Top Team (Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski & Dan Lambert)
-CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston
-World Title Eliminator Finals: Bryan Danielson vs. Miro
-AEW World Tag Team Titles: The Lucha Brothers (c) vs. FTR
-AEW World Women’s Title: Dr. Britt Baker (c) vs. Tay Conti
-AEW World Heavyweight Title: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Adam Page