Johnny Gargano reportedly signs a one-week contract extension with WWE NXT

Johnny Gargano reportedly signs short contract extension

According to a new report from Fightful, Johnny Gargano has signed a one-week contract extension with WWE.

Gargano’s contract with WWE was originally said to expire on Friday, December 3. Now his contract expires on Friday December 10.

He will now participate in NXT 2.0 WarGames on Sunday, December 5. It was also noted in the report, that talks between Gargano and WWE are currently ongoing. It was further stated that much like Adam Cole, WWE has spoken highly of Johnny Gargano being willing to extend his contract when other companies are likely interested in signing him.

Gargano and his real-life wife WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Candice LaRae are expecting their first child in February 2022.

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