AEW Dynamite Results – 12/08/21 (Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale)

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AEW Dynamite Results

December 8, 2021
Long Island, NY (UBS Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

MJF’s music hits but CM Punk walks out instead and he gets MASSIVE boos and he soaks it all in. As he gets in the ring a smattering of “CM Punk” chants start but are quickly drowned out by more boos. He taunts them by saying Chicago is so much louder and gets boos poured all over him. Punk asks the crowd if MJF was their guy and then he pulls off his jacket revealing a Four Pillars of AEW shirt with Britt Baker on it in place of MJF. He calls MJF an incel, too.

Punk says he stepped to MJF in his face and all he did was run away like a coward and then hide behind his buddy. He says when he was a kid he hated Dennis Rodman because he played for the Pistons but then he played for the Bulls and he was his guy. He says Dennis was his “Worm,” so he understands that MJF is their “worm.” He says he isn’t mad at the fans, he just feels sad for them.

Punk says he wants next from the winner of Page/Danielson and he believes MJF wants next, too. He says they need to settle their thing before one of them goes on to fight for the title. He says MJF keeps running from him. Punk says if MJF is their hero he understands that because the Islanders haven’t won anything since 1984 either.

Punk challenges MJF to a one-on-one match. “I don’t want you to run like they do in Long Island, I want you to stand and fight like they do in Chicago,” Punk says. Punk says he’ll face MJF tonight if he wants but says he knows he won’t do it. He says if MJF is Long Island’s role model then they’re all a bunch of chicken shits and leaves the ring.


MJF shows up to his old football field in a sports car as a narrator calls him a hero and talks about how great he is. He pulls out his letterman jacket and walks onto the field and the narrator continues. We cut to the arena and MJF’s music hits to a GIGANTIC reaction.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale
MJF vs. Dante Martin vs. Ricky Starks vs. Lio Rush vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Wardlow vs. Jay Lethal vs. Matt Hardy vs. Matt Sydal vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Lee Johnson

The final two wrestlers left in the match face off in a one-on-one match next week. Moriarty almost eliminates MJF but Spears saves him on the outside and Wardlow throws Moriarty over the top to eliminate him. Sydal is then eliminated, too. Lethal almost eliminates Hardy but Allie slips him brass knucks and he blasts Lethal with them and eliminates him. Dante Martin eliminates Hardy from behind.

Hobbs and Wardlow come face-to-face and start slapping meat! Wardlow tosses Hobbs over the top but he lands on the apron and knocks Wardlow back only for Rush to come flying out of nowhere knocking Hobbs to the floor to eliminate him!


Martin and Kaz slam into each other with cross body attempts at the same time. MJF is hiding behind Wardlow pretty much for this entire match. Rush rolls under Wardlow and goes after MJF as the rest go after Wardlow. Wardlow fights everyone off and goes for a Double Chokeslam on Johnson and Rush only to eat a dropkick from Martin. They all team up to try and eliminate Wardlow but MJF runs up behind them and eliminates Johnson, Rush and Wardlow! MJF eliminates Kazarian! It’s down to just MJF, Starks and Martin.

Martin and Starks square off with MJF but then Martin dumps Starks over the top eliminating him! MJF and Martin will face off next week one-on-one!

Winners: MJF & Martin

MJF offers Martin a handshake and he accepts. Starks attacks Martin from behind and MJF acts like he doesn’t care but then finally runs back in and gets in Starks’ face. He shoves Starks and then they both attack Martin. CM Punk runs out and MJF immediately bails. Starks eats an Enziguri from Martin and Punk hits the GTS!


8-Man Tag Team Match
Jurassic Express & The Varsity Blonds w/Julia Hart & Christian Cage vs. The Acclaimed & 2point0 w/Daniel Garcia

Caster with a Cuomo line in his freestyle. The Acclaimed works over Jungle Man in their corner but he speeds things up and hits a series of ranas and armdrags. Parker tags in but Jungle Boy hits the double spring Lucha Armdrag on 2point0 sending them to the floor. Pillman tags in and hits a Flying Dropkick to the Acclaimed on the outside and then Garrison hits a Plancha over the top onto 2point0!

In the ring, Varsity Blonds work over Caster and hit a Spinebuster/Dropkick combo for two. Bowens grabs Pillman’s leg and Caster tosses him to the floor where the heels stomp on him. The heels quadruple team Pillman in their corner and work him over for several minutes.

Pillman almost reaches a tag but Caster pulls him back and hits a Suplex for two. They go back to work on Pillman in their corner but he manages to break through their attack and make the hot tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus cleans house and throws all the heels into a separate corner. He hits Flying Hip Attacks on them and caps it off with a Double Lariat on 2point0.

Luchasaurus goes for a Double Chokeslam but Caster hits him from behind only for Lucha to then Chokeslam Bowens on top of him! 2point0 dropkicks Lucha but he falls back into his own corner where Jungle Boy tags in. Everyone takes turns hitting big spots on each other capped off by a Springboard DDT from Jungle Boy and then the Snare Trap! Daniel Garcia distracts the referee but Eddie Kingston runs down and throws him into the steps!

Caster clotheslines Jungle Boy and then goes for the Mic Drop but Jungle Boy moves and locks in the Snare Trap for the submission!

Winners: Jurassic Express & Varsity Blonds via submission (Snare Trap)

Eddie Kingston drags the camera to the back and runs into Ortiz but we can’t hear anything they say. 2point0 appears with Garcia and they attack Kingston and Ortiz.


Backstage, Tully Blanchard says they will get their titles back again and says Lucha Brothers’ only win against them was a fluke. FTR says that on Friday they will become the first ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions.

The Young Bucks w/Brandon Cutler & Adam Cole vs. CHAOS (Chuck Taylor & Rocky Romero) w/Orange Cassidy

Romero and Nick Jackson start off with some mat wrestling against each other. Romero hits a beautiful Spinning Headscissors and an Armdrag. Taylor tags in and Matt tags in at the same time. Chuckie with a beautiful La Magistral for two and a lucha armdrag. Romero and Taylor double team Matt but Nick pulls Romero out and the Bucks hit a double team move on Sexy Chuckie T knocking him to the floor.

Romero comes in and ducks a clothesline and hangs in the ropes like Spiderman. He sends Matt to the floor and hits a Tope Suicida! Nick hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes on Romero knocking him into the barricade. The Bucks work Romero over in their corner. Nick does a handspring and acts like he’s going to do a high spot but stops and rakes Romero’s back instead.

Romero tries fight out of the heel corner but they beat him down again and continue to work him over. The Bucks go for a Superkick Party but Romero rolls underneath and tags Taylor! Taylor throws the Bucks into each other and hits a DDT/Flatliner on them! The Bucks roll to the floor and the Kentucky Gentleman hits a Somersault Plancha onto them both on the floor.

Cutler distracts Taylor enough for the Bucks to hit a Superkick Party. Romero dives off the top with a Plancha but the Bucks catch him and then put him down and hit another Superkick Party! The Bucks act like they are going to do a dive but then slide to the outside and kiss Cole on the cheeks. Nick punt kicks Taylor from the apron and Matt hangs Taylor off the apron as Nick dives off with a Somersault Senton.

In the ring, Nick tags in Matt and they hang Taylor up in the ropes as Nick dives off the top with a Swanton Bomb!


Cole Pump Kicks Cassidy on the outside. Taylor Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Nick on top of Matt and tags in Romero. Romero hits the Forever Clotheslines on the Bucks and then a Double Rana on both of them! On the outside, Romero dives off the steps into a Rana on Nick! In the ring, he hits a Sliced Bread on Matt for two!

Nick hits a Slingshot X-Factor on Romero but then walks into Sole Food from Taylor on the outside! Matt hits the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes but Romero counters the last one into a Swinging DDT. Cutler distracts the referee but then sprays cold spray in Nick’s face by mistake! Taylor hits a Piledriver for two! Romero goes for Sliced Bread on Matt but he counters it into a Tombstone attempt. Romero counters that counter into a Rana and then a Backslide for a close nearfall! Romero hits a Leaping Knee and then a Spinning Heel Kick!

Romero goes for a Pump Handle move but Matt counters into a Tombstone as Nick dives off the top with the Meltzer Driver for the pin!

Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall (Meltzer Driver)

The Bucks and Cole beat CHAOS down after the match. Wheeler Yuta runs out but he gets beat down, as well. Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on Taylor. They’re about to hit a BTE Trigger on him but Sue drives the minivan into the arena! TRENT IS BACK! He hits the ring and Spears Cutler! Trent hits a Half Nelson Suplex on Nick and clotheslines him to the floor! Trent and Romero’s Roppongi Vice theme music plays them out.

Allie and Penelope Ford approach Ruby Soho backstage and reveal that Nyla Rose has promised them the first TBS Title shots. So, this Friday it will be Allie, Ford and Rose against Soho and two partners of her choosing. Soho attacks both of them but Rose appears and they beat her down. Tay Conti and Anna Jay appear with chairs and chase them off.

Tony Schiavone interviews Sammy Guevara on the stage but before he can say anything Cody Rhodes walks out. Cody says he didn’t want to be blindsided, “one good guy to the next,” and he says that Sammy will be defending against him Christmas week and walks away.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are in the balcony taunting Guevara. He says he had to jump through hoops to get a title shot and says maybe if he was an EVP and kissed Tony Khan’s ass he would get a title shot quicker, too. Sky says that Guevara needs to grow some balls and says at some point he’ll have to prove he’s a champion instead of just saying it.


A vignette highlights the upcoming Thunder Rosa vs. Jade Cargill.

Riho vs. Jamie Hayter w/Dr. Britt Baker & Rebel

Technical difficulties caused me to the first part of the match, unfortunately. Hayter hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker on Riho and goes for a Uranage but Riho counters with a rollup into a Ghetto Stomp! Riho rolls Hayter up for two and goes for a Dragon Suplex but Hatyer blocks it and goes for a Splash. Riho moves and hits the Dragon Suplex for two!

Hayter comes back with a Brainbuster for two. Hayter hits another backbreaker for another nearfall and then locks in a English Crab. Riho fights her off and rolls Hayter up for two again. Hayter hits a Mafia Kick but then walks into a Flying Knee from Riho and a Code Red for two!

Riho goes up top and dives off with a Ghetto Stomp! 1…2…NO Hayter kicks out! Riho goes back to the top but Hayter crotches her and climbs up top. Riho knocks Hayter off but Rebel grabs Riho’s boot as Hayter distracted the referee. Hayter crotches Riho again and goes for a Super Samoan Drop but Riho fights her off and hits a Super Crucifix Bomb! Riho hits the Flying Knee for the pin!

Winner: Riho via pinfall (Flying Knee)

Baker attacks Riho after the match and puts her in the Lockjaw.

Taz says on Rampage Hook will make his in-ring debut against Fuego del Sol.

Serena Deeb and Hirkau Shida will once again face off at Winter is Coming. A vignette hypes up their rivalry.

Tony Schiavone interviews Varsity Blonds on the ramp but before they can say anything the lights go out. When they come back on Malakai Black is standing on the ramp. He spits mist in Julia Hart’s face and the lights go back out and Black is gone when they come back on.


Main Event
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver

Danielson and Silver lock up with Danielson immediately going after Silver’s arm. Danielson runs over Silver and hits a series of kicks. Silver fights back with kicks of his own and actually lays Danielson out. Danielson trips Silver and drags him to the floor where he slams his knee into the apron. Danielson hits a series of uppercuts and then hits a Diving Knee Drop off the apron to the back of Silver’s head.


Danielson goes for a Diving Leg Lariat off the top but Silver catches him in midair and hits a Powerbomb! Silver and Danielson exchange strikes again until Silver rolls Danielson up in a Legbar! Danielson kicks Silver in the face with his free leg but Silver refuses to let go. Danielson rolls over and grabs the rope to break the hold and then rolls to the floor. Silver hits a Cannonball off the apron onto Danielson!

In the ring, Silver goes for a Lariat but Danielson counters into a Backslide for two but Silver kicks him and then goes for a German Suplex. Danielson lands on his feet and hits a Roundhouse Kick! Danielson goes for the Flying Knee but Silver sidesteps him and rolls him up for another nearfall. Silver trips Danielson into the ropes and hits a Mafia Kick followed by a Bridging German Suplex! 1…2…NO Bryan kicks out!

Silver goes for the Spin Doctor but Danielson rakes his eyes and hits a Roaring Elbow and then connects with a series of elbows to Silver’s head. Danielson hits a Gotch Piledriver and then puts Silver in a Rings of Saturn and Silver is out cold.

Winner: Danielson via KO

Danielson taunts the Dark Order and says that he’s a man of his word and he forgot to kick Silver’s head in, so he’s going to do just that. He traps Silver’s arm and starts stomping him in the face until Hangman runs out! Hangman attacks Danielson and Dragon retreats. Page says next week he is going to kick the Cowboy shit out of Danielson.