AEW Rampage Results – 12/10/21 (Hook debut, Tag Titles, etc.)

AEW Rampage Results
December 10, 2021

Long Island, NY (USB Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Lucha Brothers (c) w/Alex Abrahantes vs. FTR w/Tully Blanchard

FTR retained the AAA Tag Team Titles over The Lucha Brothers in a Ladder Match last weekend. Fenix and Dax start off with some chain wrestling and Dax gets a one-count with a rollup during the sequence. In the next sequence, Fenix actually flips off the back of Cash into an Armdrag on Dax. He then kicks Cash and hits a Double Spring Lcuha Armdrag/Flying Headscissors combo on FTR. Penta tags in and Lucha Brothers pull out some wonderful double team moves including a Splash from Fenix off the shoulders of Penta for a nearfall.

Cash finally tags into the match and immediately gets rolled up by Penta for a series of nearfalls. Penta then throws his glove at Cash and when he catches it, Penta hits a Superkick. Penta hits a series of strikes but Cash shoves him into the corner and tags Dax. Fenix tags Penta on the back and hits a Springboard Flying Cross Body on Cash only for Dax to pull him out and slam him into the apron.

Dax gets a nearfall on Fenix before blatantly choking him in the ropes. He distracts the referee allowing Cash and Tully to choke Fenix more. Dax and Cash take turns with quick tags as they work over Fenix in their corner. Cash lifts Dax up into a Leg Drop on Fenix for a nearfall. They continue to isolate Fenix in their corner for several minutes but as Dax went to the top Fenix hits him with a Rolling Uppercut. Fenix hits a Springboard Super Rana!


FTR tries to Suplex Fenix but he backflips out of it and then dives for his brother only for FTR to intercept him. Fenix ducks under them and makes the tag to Penta. Penta hits a series of Slingblades on FTR and a Backstabber to Dax. Cash rolls Penta up for two but then Penta come back with a rollup for two of his own. Penta hits a Penta Driver! 1…2…NO Cash kicks out!

Tully gets on the apron and tries to hit Fenix but he blocks it and decks Tully! Fenix hits a series of kicks on FTR but Dax blocks the last one and hits a Slingshot Liger Bomb for two! Fenix rolls up Dax for two and Cash tries to hit Fenix with the AAA Tag Title but Fenix stops him. Finally, Cash lets go and Dax gets blasted with the belt. Fenix does the tightrope walk and kicks Csah in the face. Fenix goes for a Frog Splash but Dax hits him in the face with the belt in midair as the referee was distracted. 1…2…NO Fenix kicks out!

Cash tags in but Fenix fights them off and goes for a springboard move only to eat the Big Rig in midair! 1…2…NO Penta dives off the top with a Plancha on Dax knocking him into Cash to break up the pin. Penta drags Fenix to their corner and tags him. All four mean start fighting in the ring now, exchanging chops and slaps. Fenix hits the Rolling Cutter on Dax and goes for one on Cash but Cash catches him in midair and hits a Gory Bomb! Penta backdrops Cash and goes for the Fear Factor but Cash blocks it and shoves him into the ropes. Penta goes for a Sunset Flip but Cash rolls through only for Penta to keep rolling and right into the LB Driver as Fenix dives off the top at the same time! Fenix hits a Tope con Giro onto Dax on the outside as Penta pins Cash!

Winners & STILL AEW Tag Champs: Lucha Brothers via pinfall (LB Driver)


Trios Match
Ruby Soho, Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford & Allie w/Vickie Guerrero

Conti throws Allie all around the ring with Judo Throws to start off and caps off the sequence with a Facebuster and a Roundhouse Kick. She hits a Flying Elbow in the corner and tags Jay into the match and tosses her into a Running Elbow on Allie. Soho comes in and hits a Running Elbow of her own before Conti hits a Pump Kick in the corner. Conti Monkey Flips Allie into a nearfall and then puts her in a Front Chancery.

Guerrero taunts Conti allowing Allie to a Roaring Elbow. Ford tags in and slams Conti’s throw into the top rope before goes for a Fireman’s Carry only for Conti to escape and then eat a Pump Kick from Ford. Rose tags in and the heels start working Conti over in their corner. Rose beats Conti down and chokes her before tagging Allie. The heels continue to work Conti over and make quick tags.

Finally, Conti is able to make a hot tag to Soho as Ford tags in, as well. Soho hits a series of kicks capped off with an Enziguri and then a Leg Sweep for two.


Jay hits a series of kicks to Rose followed by a series of elbows. She hits the ropes and goes for a Sunset Flip but Rose blocks it and goes for a Senton only for Jay to move and then hit a Sliding Cross Body for two. Jay puts Rose in a Chinlock but Allie kicks her in the face. Conti comes in and hits the TayKO on her! Rose hits a Hanging Neckbreaker on Conti but then eats an Enziguri from Soho! Ford hits a Heel Kick on Soho and walks into a Suplex from Jay.

Guerrero hands the brass knucks to Allie and she hits Jay as the referee was dealing with Rose. Conti attacks Allie and they brawl to the floor. Rose hits a Beast Bomb on Jay for the pin.

Winners: Rose, Ford & Allie via pinfall (Beast Bomb)

Tony Schiavone interviews Sting backstage and talks about how Sting’s first World Title shot was in Greensboro but before Sting can say anything FTR attacks Allin and Sting from out of nowhere. They hold Sting for a Blanchard nut shot but Allin comes flying in and the brawl continues. Cash throws Allin into the wall and then they hold Sting so Tully can kick Sting in the nuts.


HOOK vs. Fuego del Sol

This is the debut of HOOK, Taz’s son. He comes out to the ring with Action Bronson as his theme music. HOOK is wearing boxing style fight shorts. They lockup and HOOK immediately takes Fuego down and puts him in a Front Facelock. HOOK throws Fuego with a Headlock Takeover and then puts him in a modified Dragon Sleeper. Fuego gets his foot on the bottom rope and HOOK gets in the referee’s face allowing Fuego to roll him up for a nearfall.

HOOK hits a series of Judo Throws and sweeps before putting him in a wild modified Bow and Arrow submission. Fuego fights off the hold with a series of elbows, so HOOK releases it and puts the boots to Fuego. HOOK works Fuego over in the corner and then lands on his feet as Fuego went for a Hip Toss and throws HOOK with a beautiful El Camino Suplex. Fuego fights back with a dropkick as HOOK taunted him.

Fuego hits a series of shots in the corner and attempts the Tornado DDT but HOOK blocks it and throws Fuego across the ring before hitting a Lariat! HOOK hits a Tazplex and starts ripping at Fuego’s mask and connecting with a series of crossfaces. HOOK locks in the Tazmission and Fuego taps!

Winner: HOOK via submission (Tazmission)

Mark Henry interviews the SuperKliq and Best Friends. Trent says since he’s back and saved the day shouldn’t this promo be about him but Orange Cassidy says this is about Wheeler Yuta and Cole shouldn’t take him lightly because he’ll surprise him. It’s time for the MAIN EVENT!


Main Event
Wheeler Yuta w/Best Friends & Rocky Romero vs. Adam Cole w/The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler

Cole lays Yuta out with a series of forearms as the match starts followed by a Running Elbow. Cole goes for a La Magistral but Yuta catches him with a nearfall. Yuta hits a dropkick and charges at Cole in the corner only to run into a Superkick. Cole whips Yuta into the corner and then sidesteps Yuta as he leaped to the top and dove off.

Cole hits a Snap Suplex and starts taunting OC by doing his lazy kicks to Yuta. Yuta gets up and rolls Cole up for a nearfall. Yuta catches Cole with another rollup but Cole kicks out and hits a Pump Kick. Cole hits a series of knees to the back and puts him in a chinlock. Cole hits a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker. Cole throws Yuta to the floor and starts taunting OC.

Yuta catches Cole with a Jawbreaker but then eats a kick to the legs as he charged at Cole. Cole goes up top and attempts the Panama Sunrise but Yuta blocks it with a backdrop for a nearfall. Yuta goes up top and hits a Flying Cross Body but sells an arm injury as he lands. Yuta hits a dropkick and an Atomic Drop followed by an Enziguri. Yuta hits a Flying Forearm and then goes up top with a Flying Forearm for two.

Yuta goes for a German Suplex but Cole blocks it and hits an Enziguri and swings at Yuta only for Yuta to duck it and hit a Bridging German Suplex for two. Yuta goes back up top but Cole hits a Leaping Forearm Smash. He climbs up with Yuta and goes for a Superplex but Yuta blocks it and knocks Cole off the top. Yuta dives off the top but Cole moves and goes for a Forearm Smash only for Yuta to catch him with a modified Olympic Slam for two.

Yuta goes up top and goes for a Frog Splash but Cole got his knees up. Cole hits a Superkick and taunts OC as he hits the BOOM for the pin.

Winner: Cole via pinfall (BOOM)

Best Friends and Romero check on OC but Bobby Fish runs out and pulls Trent out and hits him with a Roundhouse Kick. The Elite beat down the rest of the Best Friends. Cole teases a Panama Sunrise on OC but stops and kicks him in the balls. The Bucks and Cole hit a BTE Trigger on Trent.