AEW Rampage Results – 1/7/22 (Cole vs. Atlas, No DQ, Hook, etc.)

AEW Rampage SPOILERS: Matches taped to air this Friday night

AEW Rampage Results
January 7, 2022

Newark, NJ (Prudential Center)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Adam Cole vs. Jake Atlas

Atlas is a former gymnast that was trained by the Santino Brothers and was with WWE from 2018-2021. He made his AEW debut at the last Dark tapings. Cole and Atlas have never faced off against one another. Atlas shows off his technical prowess early on taking Cole down and working him over with a headlock. Cole counters into a headscissors but Atlas headstands out of it to Cole’s frustration.

Cole hits a series of strikes and then goes for the BOOM but Atlas moves and goes for a Moonsault only for Cole to move and Atlas lands on his feet. Atlas goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Cole ducks and they both go for Superkicks at the same time. Atlas hits a dropkick for a nearfall and then lights Cole up with chops in the corner. Atlas hits a series of kicks and knees and then goes up top but Cole shoves him off to the floor.

Cole throws Atlas into the barricade and then rolls him in the ring. Back in the ring, Cole continues to beat on Atlas with elbows and forearms. He chokes Atlas blatantly in the corner but Atlas fights his way out with elbows capped off with a Roaring Elbow. Atlas springboards off the ropes with a Coffin Drop type of move only for Cole to catch him in midair with a Backstabber.


Atlas hits a Rana sending Cole out to the floor and then he hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes. Atlas hits a Tope Suicida sending Cole into the barricade! Atlas tosses Cole back in the ring and hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick for two. Atlas goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Cole ducks and hits a Pump Kick followed by a Neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Cole goes for a Superkick but Atlas catches his foot and hits a Superkick. He hits a Ripcord Lariat and then goes for a Suplex but Cole counters into a Brainbuster over his knee for two! Cole charges into a Pump Kick from Atlas followed by a Vertcial Suplex Bomb for two! Atlas goes for a springboard move but Cole hits him with a Superkick in midair and you can tell Atlas blew his knee out there. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Atlas just falls down, so Cole puts Atlas in a Kneebar for the submission.

Winner: Cole via submission (Knee Bar)

Cole taunts Atlas as reDRagon and they are about to attack him when Best Friends run out to chase them off.

Dustin Rhodes announces that Cody Rhodes hasn’t been “medically cleared,” so he will face Sammy Guevara at Battle for the Belts for the interim TNT Title.


Tony Schiavone interviews Andrade el Idolo and asks him what his issue with Sting and Darby Allin is. Andrade says he has no issue with Sting but wants to know why “that little kid” works for Sting. Andrade says they need a new assistant, so he wants Sting to name his price for his little kid.

Hook vs. Aaron Solo w/QT Marshall

Hook locks up with Solo and deadlifts him into the air and into a throw. He goes for a submission but Solo quickly gets to the ropes. Solo goes for a waistlock but Hook immediately reverses it and sweeps Solo’s legs and puts him in a Half Nelson. Solo gets his foot on the bottom rope. Hook lays into Solo in the corner with huge body shots followed by a headbutt. Marshall grabs Hook’s boot allowing Solo to eat a Forearm Smash.

Hook counters a whip attempt with a Red Hook Leg Sweep and puts him in an Octopus! Solo rolls Hook over into a nearfall but then eats a chop to the head. Hook hits a Gutwrench Suplex but Solo comes back with a Jawbreaker. He goes for a roundhouse but Hook catches his leg and hits the Cradle Tazplex! Hook hits a series of crossfaces and then locks in the Redrum for the submission!

Winner: Hook via submission (Redrum)

Marshall tries to attack Hook after the match but also eats a Tazplex!

Ricky Starks says that he will defend the FTW Title against Matt Sydal on Battle of the Belts.

Ruby Soho & Riho vs. Dr. Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

Rebel drags Soho out to the floor, while Hayter and Baker attack Riho before the match even starts. Soho fights her way back in and hits a Knee Strike to Hayter and she and Riho isolate Hayter in their corner for several minutes. Riho does a Wheelbarrow move flipping Soho into a Spear on Hayter in a weird spot. Hayter finally fights her way out and tags Baker.

Baker and Hayter work Soho over in their corner but Soho fights out with a Suplex and tags Riho. Soho puts Riho on her back and hits a Backsplash Senton onto Baker for two. Soho tags back in and walks into a pair of fingers to the eyes from Baker. Rebel trips Soho and Baker hits a Butterfly Suplex followed by a Basement Dropkick from Hatyer for two.


Riho hits a dropkick to hayter and then a Spinning Headscissors. She hits a drop toe hold sending Hayter into the ropes and then hits the 619 for two but Baker breaks it up. Baker and Hayter got for a double clothesline but Riho cartwheels through it and hits a DDT on Hayter launching herself off Baker for a nearfall. Riho goes up top for the Ghetto Stomp but Baker shoves her off.

Baker hits a Forearm Smash and Hayter hits a Backbreaker followed by a Superkick from Baker and a Leg Sweep from Hayter for two. Hayter goes for a Brainbuster but Riho fights her off and ducks an elbow smash attempt causing Hayter to hit Baker and then she rolls Hayter up for the pin!

Winners: Riho & Soho via pinfall (rollup)

Baker and Hayter shove each other after the match.

Dan Lambert bitches about the interim TNT Title match and Scorpio Sky says he should have just been named champion because he hasn’t lost a singles match in over 300 days and he’s ranked in the Top 5. Ethan Page says they’ll be watching very closely tomorrow.


During the typical Rampage Main Event promo battle, Kingston and PNP attack the heels.

Main Event
No DQ Match
2point0 & Daniel Garcia vs. Eddie Kingston & Proud-n-Powerful

The fight spills into the arena as Kingston and PNP beat Garcia and 2point0 all around the arena. In the ring, Kingston grabs a trashcan and brains Garcia with it. Ortiz and Lee are fighting in the crowd and Parker is fighting with Santana at ringside. Kingston puts the trashcan on Garcia’s balls and stomps it before hitting Garcia with it repeatedly. He puts the trashcan on Garcia’s head and kicks it.

Kingston tosses Garcia to the floor and Ortiz Suplexes Lee on the floor as Parker slams Santana into the barricade. Lee throws Ortiz back into the crowd as Kingston is gauging Garcia’s eyes. PNP Suplexes Pakrer on the floor and Kinston Suplexes Garcia onto the trashcan. Lee attacks PNP from behind and throws Ortiz in the ring.


Santana rolls Parker into a Cutter from Ortiz! They hit a Flapjack on Lee and then Garcia comes in and rolls Ortiz up for a nearfall. Ortiz comes back with a series of strikes and then Kingston hits a T-Bone Suplex on Garcia. Santana hits the Frog Splash for two but Parker breaks it up. Lee throws powder in Santana’s face and hits a DDT for two!

Lee DDTs Ortiz and Garcia grabs a ring bell and tosses it in the ring. 2point0 holds Kingston as Garcia hits him with the bell! 1…2…NO Kingston kicks out! 2point0 and Garcia Triple Suplex Kingston through the timekeeper’s table at ringside! Garcia dives into a chair shot from Santana. Santana lays into 2point0 with chair shots, too.

In the ring, Ortiz and Garcia exchange forearms and chops until Santana comes in and PNP hits an Assisted Facebuster. Parker attacks PNP but eats a combination of lariats and kicks from PNP for the pin!

Winners: PNP & Kingston via pinfall (Rolling Lariat)

Garcia and 2point0 attack PNP and Kingston after the match and they tape Kingston to the ring ropes. Chris Jericho runs down and chases the heels off.