Triple H makes surprise appearance at WrestleMania 38 Night Two, Leaves his boots in the ring

WWE Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development “Triple H” (Paul Levesque) made a surprise appearance at the opening of Sunday’s WrestleMania 38 at Night Two AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

After the “America The Beautiful” performance by Jessie James Decker, the music of The Game hit, and then out came Triple H to a huge ovation.

Below is the excerpt from Mike Tedesco’s WrestleMania 38 Night Two recap with the details on the segment that also saw Triple H leave his boots in the ring.

An ominous guitar chord hits and the late, great Lemmy Kilmister growls, “It’s time to play The Game!” The recently retired Paul “Triple H” Levesque makes his entrance to kick off WrestleMania Sunday. Triple H embraces his three daughters at ringside and goes over to hug Gable Steveson. Triple H gets on the apron and mists the water into the air before posing on the turnbuckles. Triple H really takes his time and soaks in the reaction.

Triple H stands in the center of the ring, and the crowd chants, “Thank you, Hunter!” He looks extremely moved by the reaction and backs up to listen some more. A “Triple H” chant starts up. Triple H says, “I just wanted to come out here to say thank you… and to show you my love in the best way I know how: WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA!”

A huge fireworks display goes off! When we see the ring again, Triple H’s boots are left in the ring with a microphone in front of it. Triple H is seen embracing his daughters once again before walking to the back.