Sasha Banks’ and Naomi’s suspensions is said to be without pay

According to F4WOnline, The indefinite WWE suspensions of Sasha Banks and Naomi is said to be without pay.

It was also noted in the report because the merchandise for both Banks and Naomi were also removed from, they also get no revenue from that either. It should be further noted that both Banks and Naomi had merchandise available at house shows last weekend because it was already printed ahead of time.

It also unknown as of this report, Banks’ and Naomi’s contracts are also frozen. WWE has the right to freeze them if they choose to do so. Naomi was in negotiations with WWE for a new contract as her current deal with the company was believed to expire in the next few months. It is unknown at this time when Banks’ deal is up. Some media outlets had previously reported it was expected to be up sometime this summer.