The latest on the Sasha Banks and Naomi situation

According to a new report from Fightful Select, communication between WWE and Sasha Banks or Naomi is minuscule to nonexistent. The report also indicates WWE has canceled all future travel for Banks and Naomi that may have been scheduled.

The report further notes that they (Fightful) has not confirmed reports if it is true that both women have been suspended without pay. If both were suspended without pay, it is said to be unlikely their contracts are frozen. The Fightful Select report indicates they are attempting to confirm this.

If Banks’ and Naomi’s’ contracts aren not frozen, they both are reportedly set to be free agents, as their current contracts are said to expire later this summer.

Fightful Select concluded by indicating that several within WWE originally did not want to strip Banks and Naomi of WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, but had to do it, when it was realized that a solution could not be reached.

WWE still has yet to announce details about the tournament to crown new champions.