Andre Chase drops an F-Bomb during a segment on Tuesday’s NXT 2.0

Andre Chase dropped an F-Bomb during a Chase University segment on Tuesday night’s NXT 2.0, live on the USA Network. USA network bleeped out the entire word.

In the segment, Arianna Grace showed up in his office, complaining about how Thea Hail gave her a black eye while she was playing a game of catch with Bodhi Hayward. Chase used this as a moment to teach everyone a lesson. However, Grace responded by saying she was thinking of “something more in line with a lawsuit.” It was at that point that Chase banged his hand on the table and said the following as he stood up:

“A lawsuit? ARE YOU F—— KIDDING ME?! THIS IS CHASE UNIVERSITY! We settle our differences in the ring.”

Hail defeated Grace in their match.

You can hear the bleeped out F-Bomb at around the :53 second mark in the highlight video below: