Big Altercation during AEW All Out Media Scrum, talent threatens to walk, Tony Khan upset with WWE

Newly crowned AEW World Champion CM Punk went completely off on The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Adam Page and Colt Cabana during the AEW All Out Media Scrum.

We have posted the entire media scrum video below. CM Punk starts talking at the 12:20 mark in the video.

There are multiple sources saying that Punk received “an incredible amount of heat” for his comments, and that this reportedly led to some type big altercation backstage.

Per Fightful Select, the word is that following the media scrum, The Young Bucks were said to be extremely angry, with one source claiming that they “threatened to walk” over Punk’s comments. It was noted that at least one of The Young Bucks had been in contact with non-AEW talent and indicated that many of the rumors on Punk and the frustration surrounding him were true.

According to the Wrestling Observer and Fightful Select, at the media scrum there was a confrontation with Punk, Ace Steel, and members of The Elite. Wrestling Observer Radio further noted, that according to multiple sources said they had witnessed an altercation between The Young Bucks and Punk’s comments. Sources said that they saw a security guard running out of the media scrum soon after Punk left. There had been some talk this was all a work. However, there are some in the company that believe this was real, as there has ben real-life issues between Adam Page and The Elite for a long-time.

The Elite skipped the media scrum. It was also noted that AEW CEO and President Tony Khan was present at the media scrum throughout the entire situation.

Other notables coming out of the media scrum is Tony Khan being upset with WWE holding two premium live events during labor day weekend, as he compared himself to Jim Crockett.

Khan said the following:

“When I compared myself to Jim Crockett Promotions this weekend, I think I got a taste of the same medicine Jim Crockett Promotions took, but I have a lot more f—ing money than Jim Crockett did. I’m serious. I’m not gonna sit back and take this f—-ing s–t.”