AEW Rampage Results – 9/16/22 (ROH World TV Title Match)

AEW Rampage Results
September 16, 2022
MVP Arena – Albany, NY
Commentary: Excalibur, Jim Ross and Chris Jericho
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Darby Allin are already in the ring and the bell ring as the show kicks off with a match right away.

Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy

Darby and Matt lock up. Matt had Darby in the armbar. Darby takes Matt down with a headlock. Matt comes back with an armbar as Darby breaks out of it and takes Matt down with a side headlock. Matt gets out of the hold and goes to takes down Darby. Matt then tells Darby he will be deleted. Matt goes to the outside of the floor and Darby rams Matt into the ring steps. Both men are back in the ring. Darby climbs to the top rope and dives but Matt moves and Darby lands on his back on the apron – MAN THAT WAS NASTY! Matt has Darby wrapped around the ring post.


Back from the break Matt hits Darby with elbows to the back, as Darby tries to come back. Darby leaps off the rope, and does a monkey flip on Matt for the pin, but only gets a two count. Matt hits a side effect on Darby and then goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Matt comes back with a second side effect on Darby and he does delete – delete – delete. Matt goes for a twist of fate, but Darby counters and then tries for a pin but only gets a two count. Darby then hits Matt with a scorpion death drop as both men are down. The ref begins the ten count. Darby climbs to the top rope, but Hardy hits Darby and grabs him and slams Darby down with a powerbomb. Matt goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Matt goes back to the top and attempts a moonsault on Darby, but Darby moves and hits Matt with a code-red. Darby comes back with a last supper and gets the pin for the victory.


Darby walks out of the ring as Matt is in the ring not to happy. The lights go and Brody King and Julia Hart are in the ring when the lights come back on. King takes out Matt and calls for Darby and Sting. Both come out. King challenges Sting and Darby to a no DQ vs the House of Black at Grand Slam Rampage. King tells them to accept the match as he has Matt in a choke hold. The lights go out again and Julia and King are gone as Sting and Darby check on Matt. to come to the ring. 


Tony Schiavone interviews ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli, who came out with Wheeler Yuta.  Claudio thanks Tony and said that the championship represents Honor and the logo- the Blackpool Combat Club is the new symbol of excellence.  He said BCC is a team and a family who make each other better.  They win and they lose, together.  Claudio said last week, unfortunately, Wheeler Yuta lost the ROH Pure Championship to Daniel Garcia. He said last week, he had one of the hardest matches and hardest opponent he’s ever faced in Dax Harwood.  Claudio then said next week, it will be a great week for the BBC because Moxley and Danielson are facing each for the AEW World Title and that  Iron sharpens iron.  Claudio went on to said that next week, there will be another World Champion in the BBC and will have two world champions.  Chris Jericho getst up from commentary.  Jericho said the JAS is the symbol of excellence.  Jericho then talked about how he is a seven time champion as the fans chant you tapped out. Jericho tells the crowd he wishes he was in Albany and to shut up. Jericho says he has been champion in the WWF, WWE, WCW and that one place he has never been champion is Ring of Honor. Jericho tells Claudio to look at him and calls him boy. Jericho then challenges Claudio at Grand Slam for the ROH title. Claudio then says he was hoping for this for a long long long time and said that Jericho is on and tells Jericho he is going to beat the hell out of him.

We go to a backstage interview with Lexi Nair interviewing TBS Champion Jade Cargill who said she doesn’t have any more competition and had to get rid of Mark Sterling who she called a PR Clown.  Diamante then came in and challenged her to next week at Grand Slam and said she wouldn’t be coming alone, she will have the baddest b—- from the 305.

Penelope Ford vs. Willow Nightingale

Ford attacked Willow early in the match.   Willow has Ford in a side headlock. Ford then kicks Willow in the mid-section. Willow comes back and goes for a few pins on Ford, but only gets a two count. Willow attempts a pounce, but Ford moved out of the way.


Back from the break Willow hits Ford in the face with a high boot. Willow then hits Ford with a huge spine buster and goes for the pin, but Ford kicks out at two. Ford then hits Willow with a cutter and then goes for a three count, but only gets a two count. Jericho calls Ford the Sports Entertainer of the Week. Willow hits Ford against the ropes and Ford comes back with a huge kick to to the face on Willow. Ford has Willow in an Indian DeathLock as Willow submits.


We go to a backstage with Lexi Nair who is interviewing Dark Order and Adam Page. Page apologies to Dark Order about what happened at All Out. Andrade comes in and says that he will eliminate all of them at the battle royal at Grand Slam Rampage and get his future shot and the world title.

-Ethan Page (with Stokely Hathaway) vs. Danhausen

The crowd is hot for this match. Danhausen mocks page and has Page in a waste lock. Page comes back with a huge boot to the face and takes down Danhausen and hits him with punches to the face. Page mocks Danhausen with punch to the jaw and then picks him up for a huge Ego’s Edge and covers Danhausen for the pin.



ROH World Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) defends against Josh Woods (with Mark Sterling and Tony Nese)

Mark Henry interviews both Josh Wood and Samoe Joe. Woods says that Joe is a fighting champion and that Woods will get a fighting champion. Joe says that after he is done with Woods he will have business with Mark Sterling, who says he will sue Joe if he gets touched by him.

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer for the match. Ian Riccaboni is on commentary for the match.

Joe came out to a big ovation as the crowd chants Joe – Joe Joe.

Both men shake hands as the crowd chants Joe is going to kill you. Jericho asks where Caprice is and says he doesn’t like Caprice or Ian.

Both men lock up and then Woods does a clean break. Both men lock up again. Woods has Joe down to the match, but Joe comes back and has Woods locked up, but Woods breaks out and hits Joe with elbow strikes to the face. Joe comes back with jabs to the face of Woods. Joe tries to hit Wood with a headbutt, but it’s blocked. As the ref’s attention is diverted, Tony Nese hits Joe and Woods takes Joe down as has him locked up in a submission type move.


Back from the break, Woods has Joe locked up, but Joe gets out of the submission and attempts a pin on Woods, but only gets a two count. Joe then has Wood in a sleeper. Wood then counters and drops Joe, and goes for pin, but only gets a two count. Joe hits Wood with a big boot to the face. Joe goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Joe comes back with a powerslam on Woods, and covers Woods for the pin, but only gets a two count. Joe has Woods on the rope. Mark Sterling distracts the ref, as Nese and Wood take down Joe. Woods hits Joe with two knees and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Joe picks up Woods for the Muscle Buster and hits Woods with it for the pin to retain.

After the match Nese and Woods double team on Joe as Mark Sterling comes in and is about to hit Joe – Warlow’s music hits and Wardlow comes down to the ring as Nese and Wood bail. Wardlow has Sterling in the powerbomb position, but Nese pulls him out. Wardlow and Joe stand in the ring face to face and hold their title belts up. It is announced that it will be Wardlow and Joe vs. Nese and Woods at next weeks Grand Slam Rampage. Both men shake hands as the show goes off the air.