QR Code Displayed During WWE Monday Night Raw Links To Rabbit-Themed Hangman Game

A new QR Code mystery was started on Monday’s WWE Raw. When cameras showed Austin Theory backstage preparing for his match backstage, a sticker in the background with a QR Code could be seen in the background.

When scanned, the QR Code links back to a video. The video displays a game of hangman being played by a white rabbit. In the game, there is a question for the phrase is ‘Who Killed The World?’ The rabbit almost runs out of lives during the game. However the rabbit spells out the correct phrase just in time, which is – ‘You Did’.

The video also teases the date of September 23, with time of 9:23, which is the date of this Friday’s episode of SmackDown.

During a commercial break on last Friday’s SmackDown, and at the two house shows this past weekend, WWE played the classic 1960’s Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit.”