The Elite “erased”; CM Punk’s dog reportedly injured during backstage fight

During Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, a vignette aired going through the history of The Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks). As the video aired, the three were “erased” out of each of the moments as their words faded.

F4Online cited a report on Wednesday that CM Punk’s legal team had responded to a report from Fightful Select that The Elite were returning to AEW “imminently”. The report also said that Punk has not been contacted by AEW since the backstage fight as was asked to keep quiet, which he said he agreed to. It was further said from Punk’s perspective, the comments from the All Out Media scrum did not seem like a big deal. However, the situation escalated when Punk’s locker room door was kicked in, and reportedly injuring Punk’s dog Larry in the process. It is said that Punk was informed at a vet appointment which was just a few days later that two of Larry’s teeth had been knocked.

Fightful Select notes further that Punk felt threatened “in a legal way” under the state of Illinois’ Castle Doctrine Laws, which allows use of force in defense of a person in their dwelling. As of this writing, there has been no current litigation against Punk or anyone involved in the backstage fight.

Below is the initial report from Fightful Select:

We’ve learned that for the first time since AEW All Out, there is talk backstage of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks coming back to work, at the very least in a backstage capacity. One source said they heard it could happen “imminently,” but nobody we heard from could definitively tell us when it’s expected.

Fightful Select has learned that over the last couple of weeks, the most movement out of the situation has happened since the incident took place. We were told that a meeting was scheduled for last week, but we’re in the dark on the context of those.’s Nick Hausman featured notes from “CM Punk’s Camp” regarding Punk’s side of the story from the AEW All Out backstage fight. 

Among the highlights of the report courtesy of PWInsider:

-CM Punk’s dog Larry was said to be injured “once Punk’s locker room door was “kicked in” and accidentally hit Punk’s dog, Larry, in the face. At a pre-scheduled veterinarian appointment a few days later, Punk was informed that two of Larry’s teeth had been knocked loose and had to be removed.”

-Punk “felt threatened” when The Elite entered his locker room “and reacted in a legal way under Illinois’ Castle Doctrine laws, which allow for the use of force in defense of a person in their dwelling.”

-Ace Steel’s wife Lucy, who was in the room at the time of the fight, was never spoken to by the third-party investigation.

-Punk’s side felt that what Punk stated in the scrum “wasn’t a big deal” until everything escalated when The Elite came to his locker room.

-Punk’s side also described “distrust” of Adam Page after Page went off script and made his own comments in the promo leading up to their AEW title bout and that there was a belief the match could turn into a legitimate fight.

It should be noted Nick Hausman was the reporter that CM Punk initially went after during the All Out media scrum, asking him if he was friends with Colt Cabana.