Former Superstar returns to WWE on SmackDown, saves Liv Morgan from Damage CTRL

Former WWE Superstar Tegan Nox made her return to WWE on Friday night’s episode of SmackDown. Nox came out to save Liv Morgan from Damage CTRL.

Below is an excerpt from Roy Nemer’s full SmackDown recap detailing Nox’s return.

Out come Damage CTRL to the ring. Bayley says they don’t want to be in stupid Buffalo but she is sure that Michael Cole misses her. SmackDown needed ratings and they knew they can count on Damage CTRL. They were inside of WarGames less than a week ago. The three of them combined were in that match for 95 minutes and 19 seconds. She says they don’t know what that does to their bodies because they cheered for Becky Lynch when they won. The fans chant “Becky” but Bayley tells them that Becky isn’t there tonight.

Bayley wants to talk about the SmackDown roster. She says no one wanted to face them. And as the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s champion in history, that disappointed her. They are here to be role models. Out comes Liv Morgan. She tells Bayley it seems like she has a problem with the SmackDown women’s division. Liv counts that there are three of them and says it seems fair as she runs towards the ring. Iyo Sky to the outside but Liv throws her into the barricade. Dakota on the outside of the ring but Liv throws her to the barricade. Liv gets in the ring and spears Bayley. Sky and Dakota attack Liv.

Out comes Tegan Nox and she returns to SmackDown. She attacks Damage CTRL. Liv grabs a kendo stick and hits Damage CTRL with it. Nox hits Bayley with the Shiniest Wizard.

Nox first signed with WWE in 2017. She was set to compete in the 2017 Mae Young Classic, but could not due to a torn ACL. She did compete in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, but then was out of action again for a second knee injury during the tournament. In 2020, Nox would then suffer a third knee injury. After returning from the third injury, she returned to NXT in 2021 before being called up to the main roster. During the 2021 draft she was sent to Raw. However she never appeared on Raw and was released on November 18, 2021 as part of budget cuts.