Video: Cain Velasquez returns to pro wrestling month after release from prison

Former WWE Superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez addressed fans at the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide event at the newly constructed Mullett Arena on the campus of Arizona State University, which is Velasquez’s alma mater. He is currently out of prison on $1 million bail.

The 40-year old Velasquez also wrestled in a six-man tag team match with partners Pagano and Blue Demon Jr. against Taurus, Sam Adonis and Gringo Loco. The match lasted about 20 minutes. Velasquez scored the pin fall win for his team.

The match was allowed to take place after a Santa Clara (California) County judge granted bail with additional stipulations, which included house containment – but then waved those stipulations temporarily on a work-release basis. However, he was required by the judge to pay for and bring a law enforcement officer with him to the event.

Source: MMA Junkie

Velasquez entered the ring to cheers from the fans.

This past February, Velasquez was charged by Santa Clara County police with allegedly chasing down Harry Goularte in his truck and shooting at him, striking Goularte’s stepfather who was also in the vehicle.

Velasquez had allegedly followed Goularte on what local police called an “eleven mile, high speed chase,” driving into Goularte’s vehicle before firing into it.

The incident was happened when Goularte being charged with sexual assault of a young relative of Velasquez. Velasquez later claimed in a civil suit that his own four-year-old son was also sexually assaulted.

Velasquez plead not guilty in August, and was denied bail four previous times by a different judge. As he awaits a trial date, Velasquez is required to wear a GPS tracker and must not come within 300 yards of the alleged victims.