Son of the late Umaga joins Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling training school

Reality of Wrestling announced on Twitter that Zilla Fatu, son of the late Umaga (Edward Fatu) has joined the ROW training school.

Zilla is cousin of Jimmy & Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Ava Raine (Simone Johnson, daughter of Dwayne Johnson). Umaga passed away at the age of 36 on December 4, 2009 as a result of a heart attack. In WWE, Umaga was a two-time Intercontinental Champion.

Sikoa paid tribute to his late uncle on this past Monday’s WWE Raw, hitting Matt Riddle with the Umaga Samoan Spike.

Reality of Wrestling is owned and operated by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, and is based on Houston, Texas.