News from 12/26 WWE MSG Holiday Tour Show: Santos Escobar update; Naomi; Zelina Vega

Santos Escobar is said to be fine following the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match that took place during Monday night’s SmackDown Holiday Tour House Show at Madison Square Garden. Towards the end of the match, Kofi Kingston nailed a stomp off the ladder, driving Santos down and after he went to the floor. WWE medical staff immediately checked on Escobar and he walked to the back with assistance from Jamie Noble.

The word making the rounds on Monday night is that Naomi was in New York City. There is no word on if she was backstage at Madison Square Garden.

Zelina Vega posted a “shoot style” promo to her Instagram about her return to Madison Square Garden. It is being said that this is some of her best promo work ever.

Source: PWInsider