Backstage notes from WWE talent meeting held before SmackDown; Mercedes Vernado cast in new action-thriller

Triple H held a short talent meeting at the Resch Center in Green Bay before Friday night’s SmackDown.

He thanked the talents for all they do and told them that Vince McMahon’s involvement since returning is to spearhead the search to see if to sell and to who they may sell the company to. He also reiterated that the return of Vince will have any effect on the current creative team or process. 

Talents were also advised “not to believe” rumors.  It was then said that realistically, no one in the company is going to tell anyone something beyond that at this point.

Though Stephanie McMahon resigned from her roles with the company, Triple H remains in his role as Chief Content Officer and on the company’s Board of Directors.

Source: PWInsider

According to a report from Deadline, Mercedes Varnado (former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks) is part of the cast for the upcoming action-thriller The Collective.

Per Deadline the synopsis of the film is as follows:

A group of righteous assassins called The Collective take aim at a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring backed by a network of untouchable billionaires. With their backs against the wall, The Collective has no choice but to put their most important mission in the hands of rookie assassin, Sam Alexander . What he lacks in experience he makes up for in savvy, grit, and a keen ability to improvise in the most dangerous situations. He is aided on his journey by Hugo and Liam, former CIA operatives turned rogue vigilantes. They face off against Daisy, the cunning general manager of this evil, clandestine organization. Sam must prove to himself, Liam and Hugo that he’s Collective material on this life-or-death, take-no-prisoners mission.

As of this writing, there is no word when the film will be released.