WWE reportedly meeting with potential buyers next month for first-round bids

Several Media outlets, including CNBC are reporting that WWE is set to meet with potential buyers next month in preparation for first-round bids. The article also notes that there is no guarantee that a transaction will take place.

Talks of a potential sale has increased since the return of Vince McMahon to power this past January. Besides bringing himself back on the Board of Directors, he brought back to others that ultimately voted him back on as Chairman of the Board. During that time McMahon said that he had only made his return to the company with the intention of selling it. Last July he resigned after it was revealed he used company funds to pay for hush money to cover up a number of sexual allegations.

McMahon is asking for $9 billion, even thought the fair market value is $6.5 billion.

This past February WWE CEO Nick Khan, in an interview with CNBC he had hoped the sale would be done within the next three months. Khan then said there would be “no issue” with McMahon not being involved at all with WWE after a sale if it was right for the company.