Pro wrestling talent react to Twitter verification changes, NJPW issues statement

Back on April 20, Twitter changed its verification system by, removing blue checkmarks from verified users and asking them to pay $8.00 for Twitter Blue. It should noted that anyone can pay the $8.00 for the blue Twitter checkmark for verification.

Several pro wrestling talent took to Twitter to react to the changes. NJPW issued a statement on their website.

Below is the statement from NJPW:

On NJPW wrestler Twitter accounts

Thank you for supporting New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Due to changes in the verification system for Twitter users, wrestlers and NJPW affiliated accounts may or may not have blue verified checks, and accounts with a verified badge may or may not represent who they claim.

For authentic Twitter accounts, please reference the links on our profile page.

Additionally, the following are official NJPW accounts:

Japanese account @njpw1972

Global @njpwglobal

NJPW World @njpwworld

NJPW of America @njpwofamerica

NJPW TAMASHII @njtamashii

NJPW Collection @njpw_collection

NJPW Strong Spirits Global @njpwss_global

President Takami Ohbari @takamiohbari

Chairman Naoki Sugabayashi @njpwsugabayashi

Please beware of tweets, and especially unsolicited DMs from non official accounts.