Employee reactions to WWE ordering them back in the office full-time

According to Pwinsider Elite, the email sent out by WWE CEO Nick Khan, ordering staff back to the office full-time beginning May 1 has been received with great negativity.

It is being said this is due to the fact that Khan sent the email late in the evening, and the fact that such a short notice does not allow staff much time to prepare for a return to the office, especially for those who have young children and will need to figure out child care.

The immediate reaction said to be from staff is Vince McMahon ordered the change. However, it is not known who made the decision.

PWInsider said that most of the employees they spoke to, felt the “world has changed” and were far more productive working from home at their own pace, rather than commuting to work and working in an office.

One employee told PWInsider that they used to spend the day waiting to get out of the office. However, worning at home it was not an issue because they did not have to deal with various with traffic, office politics and other things.

There is also said to be stress with some of the staff, as they have concerns about layoffs after the merger with Endeavor.