Former NXT Superstar makes his surprise debut during Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite

Former NXT Superstar Roderick Strong is officially All Elite.

Strong made his surprise debut on Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite, saving Adam Cole from the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Below is an expert from Alex Kahrs’ AEW Dynamite recap of how it all went down.

Back at ringside, Adam Cole makes his way to the ring with microphone in hand after what went down last week. He is clearly angry about not only being jumped by the JAS but making him watch the Outcasts beat up Britt Baker, promising to beat up Jericho (and bad) for what he did. Cole threatens to come find Jericho but his music hits…only for Jericho to show up on the screen, saying he doesn’t even want to be near a man like Adam Cole, calling him a coward for “letting” his wife get beat up.

Jericho won’t do anything tonight, but his guys will…and this brings out the JAS to go after Cole, until Orange Cassidy and Bandido come out to even the numbers ever so slightly! JAS is still in control as they beat up Cassidy and Bandido as well…until Roderick Strong makes his way out to make the save!

Strong practically clears the ring of the Appreciation Society as Cole makes it to his feet, and the friends stare each other down for a moment before showing their appreciation for each other. JAS regroups on the ramp as their adversaries tonight stand tall, but Cassidy and Cole stare each other down before the champ and Bandido leave the ring.