WBD Sports and AEW Expand Partnership with Development of New Mobile Game

Warner Bros Discovery Sports and AEW announced the following on Tuesday:

WBD Sports and AEW Expand Their Partnership with the Development of  New Mobile Game – “AEW: Figure Fighters” 

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports and AEW announced the development of a new casual mobile game – “AEW: Figure Fighters.” This free to play game will feature 3D animated versions of AEW wrestlers  battling it out in the ring, allowing fans to expand their fandom and love for the show. Fans will be able to  collect and level up their favorite wrestlers, play in various game modes, and complete numerous  challenges. 

The development of the game furthers WBD Sports’ commitment to innovation in gaming, supported by an  ongoing partnership with Immutable X. 

“AEW: Figure Fighters” is in early development and planned for release in 2024. Sign up for the latest  updates and announcements at www.AEWFigureFighters.com