Kevin Sullivan explains Dungeon of Doom, dealing with Hulk Hogan and more

On a recent episode of his new ‘Tuesdays with the Taskmaster’ podcast, former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan explained the process behind putting together a classic WCW storyline in the Dungeon of Doom.

Giving some context as to the situation within WCW around the time of Hulk Hogan’s arrival, Sullivan would explain:

“He surrounded himself with guys that he had drawn money with, Tenta, Duggan, Brutus; he brought all his friends in. The thing about all his friends, they had drawn money, but the business was rapidly changing, as you know.

So my idea about the Dungeon of Doom was, ‘Let me put them all in one segment and kind of encapsulate it there.’ So I won’t have to put them all through the show.”

Sullivan would describe just how the business was changing, referring to the “luchadores and cruiserweights” featured on WCW programming by that point in time.

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Source: Fightful