Zelina Vega clarifies whether she wants CM Punk back in WWE

In a recent interview with Newsday, WWE Superstar Zelina Vega clarified based on a tweet she made with a red X, whether she wants to see CM Punk back in WWE.

“I wish him the best…Would it be great to see him again? Absolutely.”

When Vega was asked by Newsday about the social media post. The tweet by Vega came out during last Saturday’s Payback PLE. Vega said that the post was actually in reference to the jacket Rey Mysterio wore during show. The jacket had an X over the face of Rey’s son Dominik Mysterio, who he had been in a feud with this year.

Vega is part of the LWO faction in WWE.

In addition, Vega spoke very highly of CM Punk during her interview with Newsday. Vega said the following:

“I don’t know much about his situation with AEW, but I have always had a fantastic relationship with CM Punk. You hear all these things about him. I am so big on not listening to other people’s experiences, the dirt sheets, all that crap. He’s always been a fantastic person. There’s layers to people. And when people are just so hung up on the outer layers of what a person can be, you get stuck there. And if you want to stay there, that’s great. But when you get to know the core of a person, that’s where I like to hang out. To me, Punk’s been nothing but great. So will the ‘X’ be meaning putting an ‘X’ on Dominik’s face, and CM Punk? It absolutely can be, because, I’m a big supporter of him. And he’s always been that way for me.”

Vega’s real-life husband Malakai Black worked with Punk on AEW Collision. Punk and FTR challenged the House of Black for the Trios Titles on the August 12 episode of Collision.

It is still not clear if Punk has a non-compete clause as Tony Khan has said he is not able to publicly comment on the termination of Punk from AEW.