UPDATED: Notes on WWE employee meeting held on Tuesday morning


PWInsider has provided some further updates from Tuesday’s employee meeting at WWE Headquarters.

Nick Khan, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Kevin Dunn and Brad Blum all came out first. As previously mentioned, Khan put over Vince McMahon. Khan then said that is was very unfortunate WWE had to lay off staff, but then thanked everyone for their hard work.

Khan then introduced Vince McMahon, who praised Ari Emanuel and the respect he had for Ari.  He said WWE had plateaued and to get to the next level and that this was the deal that needed to be done. 

McMahon then introduced his new boss, bringing out Endeavor head Ari Emanuel.  Ari told a story of how they originally pursued Vince 20 years ago to represent WWE and became the company’s agent.  He then said that he has looked to Vince for advice in the past and it was always the right advice, so he’s excited for this new era.  Ari also noted his daughter now works for WWE and announced she had just gotten engaged.  PWInsider said they were told that Ari’s daughter began employment with WWE prior to the merger.

Furthermore, it was said that that the meeting was greatly pushed as the next evolution for WWE.

According to PWInsider, WWE held an all-employee meeting on Tuesday morning at around 11:00 am local time at the new WWE Headquarters Office in Stamford, CT.

The report also notes Endeavor head Ari Emanuel, WWE President Nick Khan and TKO Group Holdings Executive Chairman Vince McMahon were all present. They spoke at the meeting, which was said to have only lasted around 12 to 15 minutes.

The meeting was described as very much a “rah rah” gathering, with promising that the future and outlook for WWE is great.

Emanuel, Khan and McMahon then went on to all praise each other, the success of the merger and WWE as a whole.