NBA MVP fined for DX “Suck It” taunt, gets an invite to WM 40

Back on October 29, NBA MVP Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers gave the Portland Trail Blazers a DX “suck it” taunt after he scored two points for his team.

The 76ers won the game 126-98.

NBC Sports Philadlphia posted the clip, which you can check out below.

However, as a result, the NBA fined Embiid $35,000. According to Fightful, Embiid was previously fined $25,000 for doing the “suck it” taunt during the 2022-23 NBA regular season.

On Tuesday, Triple H took to social media giving out an invite to Embiid to WrestleMania 40, which takes place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia next April.

Embiid responded back by sayig he would love to, but that he did not think he would be in Philildephia for that, followed by an NFL hashtag.