WWE looking at cutting back on house show events

TKO Chief Operating Officer Mark Shapiro spoke at Monday’s UBS Media Conference.

Shapiro talked on a various subjects. One of the main areas Shapiro spoke about was that the company is looking at cutting back on WWE house show in the future as part of a cost-cutting measure for both WWE and UFC.

He also said that TKO and ESPN would like to see more UFC Fight Night events and are exploring that.

Shapiro also said that TKO could save up to $100 million in efficiencies post-merger and that they will be at 75% of that by the end of 2024.  He specifically said that production is as an area in which more cost savings can be found, pointing to travel crews and production for TV events for both UFC and WWE.

On a side note, when Shapiro was asked about any update on the domestic TV rights for WWE Raw, he did not appear that TKO is is a hurry, as they could either wait until the NBA television rights are completed or even wait until the night before their current deal is up with NBCUniversal in the fall of next year.

Source: F4WOnline