Braun Strowman discusses recovery progress, the influence of Bray Wyatt

In an interview with News18, Braun Strowman touched on a number of topics.

Among these is an update on his status following a spinal fusion surgery in June, with Strowman stating he had a five-month check-up and was “medically cleared to start lifting weights” before adding:

“Doc cleared me to start lifting weights again, which was a major blessing because I was going crazy sitting around eight weeks of doing nothing. I lost 35 pounds just sitting around for eight weeks because I wasn’t eating like I normally do since I wasn’t lifting.

So I didn’t need all those extra calories. So now we’re trying to put the weight back on. The goal for 2024 is to continue this. As I said, I go back after the first year to have another check-up and then get back in the ring, getting back into shape and then getting back to passing these hands out.”

When asked about returning at the Royal Rumble next month, Strowman said he was unsure, since he was “at the mercy of the doctors and what they say.”

The former WWE Universal Champion was also asked about the influence Bray Wyatt had on his career, following his time as part of the Wyatt Family:

“Oh, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career or life without that man. He did so much for me as far as in the business of teaching me to navigate my way through this crazy industry. He taught me how to be a better performer in the ring. But the most that I take away from my time with Bray Wyatt and the eight years that I got to spend with him was to be a better person.

He’s one of the greatest human beings that has ever stepped foot on this earth. When you see this scary character and stuff like that, the ‘FIEND’ and everything that Bray Wyatt’s done, if you get to meet the man that was behind the mask — to say, a family man, never met a stranger, and kind to everyone, and something that I aspire to be.”