Hulk Hogan to be featured in Vice TV documentary series

Per PWInsider, the upcoming Vice TV series Nine Lives Of… will feature Hulk Hogan and his rise and fall as a celebrity as the subject of an episode.

Hogan was a household name for decades, starting with his rise in the World Wrestling Federation and later in World Championship Wrestling.

This fame would come with a level of notoriety over the years, however, most notably with the lawsuit against Gawker after the release of an unsavory video led to his removal from the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, before he was eventually reinstated in 2018.

Hogan will be joined by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Paul Reubens, who made notable appearances on WWE programming as Peewee Herman, as subjects of the new documentary series.

Nine Lives Of… premieres on Wednesday, January 10, at 10 PM Eastern on Vice TV.