Attorney for Tammy Sytch files for appeal regarding prison sentence

According to PWInsider, the Public Defender representing Tammy Sytch filed for appeal on December 20 regarding the prison sentence for the WWE Hall of Famer.

The following is courtesy of PWInsider.


Notice is hereby given that Tamara Lynn Sytch, Defendant-Appellant appeals to the District Court of Appeal, Fifth District of Florida, the Order of this Court rendered on November 27, 2023.

The nature of the Order is a final order adjudicating defendant guilty of the following:

DUI Manslaughter (Count One), Driving While License Suspended with Death (Count Two), DUI with Damage to Person (Count Three), DUI with Damage to Person (Count Four), DUI with Damage to Person (Count Five), DUI with Damage to Person (Count Six), DUI with Damage to Property (Count Seven) and DUI with Damage to Property (Count Eight) and sentencing her to:

1. Count One: 7 years Department of Corrections followed by 8 years probation with fines, court costs and standard conditions including permanent driver’s license suspension, alcohol safety education course, victim awareness program. Count One is to be served consecutive to Count Two.

2. Count Two: 10.6625 Years Department of Corrections with credit time served for 566 days.

3. Counts Three-Eight: 364 days jail with credit for 364 days.

PWInsider also notes that the appeal is not an attempt to overturn Sytch’s guilty verdict in the criminal case, but how the judge used Florida law in determining her sentence. Sytch’s attorneys are attempting to get the total amount of time reduced.

Sytch was recently transferred from Volusia County Corrections to a prison facility in Ocala, Florida the same day the appeal was filed. Back on November 287, Sytch was sentenced to 17 years plus another 8 years of probation. Sytch is still facing a lawsuit filed by the estate of Julian Lasseter, who was killed in the traffic incident which led to Sytch’s arrest back in March 2022.