TNA Wrestling Hard To Kill PPV Results – 1/13/24 (Title Matches, Big Signing And More!)

IMPACT rebrands back to TNA Wrestling tonight with the Hard To Kill pay-per-view, live from The Palms in Las Vegas, NV. The PPV is available for purchase from TrillerTV (formerly FITE) for $39.99 through this link!

TNA Wrestling Hard To Kill PPV Results
January 13, 2024
Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to a video package that will hypes up tonight’s pay-per-view, officially kicking off the rebranding from IMPACT back to TNA Wrestling.

We go live to the venue with fans chanting TNA. Eric Young is on stage saying we are TNA Wrestling as other talent are behind him. Young says they are Hard to Kill as we go a wide shot of the venue which looks packed! The entrance ramp has an old school look and feel to it. The ring ropes are yellow and there is the TNA logo in the center of the ring.

All the competitors are being introduced by Jade Chung for our opening match of night.

Knockouts Ultimate X Match: Winner will get a future TNA Knockouts World Championship match: Gisele Shaw vs. Xia Brookside vs. Jody Threat vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Dani Luna

Everyone rushes for the truss as Gisele Shaw and Alisha Edwards are sent to the outside. Jody Threat picks up Luna as Brookside takes down Luna. Luna then drop kicks both women. Brookside drops Steelz who came back in the ring. Brookside then dropped Edwards and Steelz. Shaw takes down Brookside. Threat is back in the ring and kicks Luna in the face as she came back in the ring. Edwards in hanging on the ropes as Threat nails her with a knee in the back of her head. Luna drops Threat with a fall away slam and then sends to the outside with an exploder. Luna then takes out Shaw with an exploder. Brookside climbs to the top turnbuckle and takes out Luna and Shaw on the outside. Threat then climbs to the top as well and then leaps and lands on Luna, Shaw and Brookside on the floor. Threat is up on the truss with Alisha…Threat sends her to the floor crashing on Luna, Shaw and Brookside! Threat then leaps off the top rope and lands on all the women on the floor as we get TNA chants! Alisha, Threat and Steelz are on the ropes. Luna drops all three from the top ropes to the mat! Shaw and Brookside are on the truss. Luna picks up Shaw and drops her hard to the mat. Brookside is up on the ropes, but Luna grabs her and brings down hard to the mat. Threat and Luna exchange blows as Tasha Steelz joins in. We get this is awesome chants. Alisha Edwards is up on the cables. Alisha drops as Luna catches her, but Alisha DDT’s Luna. Alisha grabs a kendo stick and takes out Steelz, Threat and Luna. Brookside then nails Alisha from behind as she then takes down Luna. Threat picks up Brookside and Alisha on her shoulders and drops them hard to the mat face first. Steelz up and Luna sends Steelz to the floor. Threat is up on the cables, but Shaw spears Threat in mid-air! All the women are down! We get thank you knockouts chants! Luna, Shaw and Steelz are on the cable trying to get the X. Shaw drops Lunda and Steelz and grabs the X to win the match.


The commentary team of Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are up in the balcony at the broadcast table running down the card and then countdown show, which aired on TNA+. AJ Francis took out Joe Hendry as his video was interrupted.

We go to a vignette with AJ Francis calling out Joe Hendry in the lobby of the venue.

Dirty Dango is out first with Alpha Bravo and Brutius. Bravo grabs a mic asking Dango what he hates more than all…Dango says he hates TNA Wrestling. Lightning is shown next as get ready for PCO’s entrance. He comes out being wheeled out in a stretcher all covered up, as doctors try to revive him…he get up and makes his way to the ring.

Dirty Dango vs. PCO

Dango hits PCO in the back of the head. PCO then takes down Dango and sends him to the floor…PCO then dives through the ropes taking out Dango. PCO then drops Dango and Bravo is in ring and takes out PCO from behind, as the ref rings the bell. Dango and Bravo attack PCO. Rhino is out! He makes his way to the ring as the heels quickly retreat to the floor. Rhino checks out PCO as Santino Marella the Director Authority comes out. He says that he can’t let this go down. He says he has the power to make this a tag team match. It won’t be 2 on 2, so it will be a six man tag match happening now! Marella introduces Jake Something who charges to the ring…Jake sends Ding to the barricade…PCO takes out the heels on the floor from the top rope! PCO grabs Dango and sets him up on the apron. PCO climbs to the top and takes out Dango. Jake is tagged in as he picks up Dango and drops him with a clothesline. Jake works on Dango’s arm. He grabs Dango’s leg and tags in Rhino! The War Machine comes in and picks up Dango, chopping him to the chest. Rhino them spears Dango, calling for a gore…Prudius is in and takes down Rhino from behind. Bravo is then tagged in working on the neck of Rhino. Prudius is tagged in. He hits Rhino with shoulder blocks to the mid-section. Bravo is tagged in and thumbs Rhino in the eyes. Dango is tagged in and comes down, but Rhino gets the knees up. Jake is tagged in and drops Dango with a full on body press. Jake then hits Dango with short range spear, as Bravo tags himself in. PCO is tagged in and drops Bravo on his back. PCO climbs the ropes and delivers a big leg drop to the back of the head of Bravo…Rhino is tagged in…Prudius is tagged in. Rhino takes down Prudius, but Dango grabs Rhino’s hair, but he dropped from the top rope…Rhino then gores Bravo…Dango is taken down by Jake as PCO climbs the top rope and hits Bravo with a huge moonsault to get the pin.


We go to a video package of a limo showing a women coming out who has long hair as you can only see her from behind.

The music of MK Ultra hits first as we have a TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match. Marsha Slamovich and Killer Kelly. This match was not on the original card, as it was announced as a surprise match.

The lights go off as we have the return of Decay…Rosemary is back! Rosemary is with her tag team partner Jessicka Havoc.

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: MK Ultra defends against Rosemary and Jessicka Havok

The bell rings as we start things off with the challengers taking out the champs with clotheslines…Rosemary sends Kelly in the corner and takes her down with a big slam. Rosemary drops Kelly with a huge slam face first to the mat. Slamovich its tagged in and stomps on Rosemary in the mid-section. Kelly picks up Slamovich and slams her on Rosemary as they double team the challengers. Slamovich covers Rosemary who kicks out at two! Kelly is tagged in as the champs double team Rosemary…Kelly kicks Rosemary in the face and covers her, but Rosemary kicks out at two! Kelly is in and picks up Rosemary and slam her down back first to the mat. Rosemary then is up and nails Kelly with punches as she Kelly is nailed by Rosemary…she makes the tag to Havok who headbutts Kelly. The champs attempt to double team Havok, but she takes down the champs with double clotheslines! Rosemary is sent to the outside…in the ring, Slamovich drops Havok with a snowplow and covers Havok for only a two count! Havok and Rosemary double team the champs as Havok slams Kelly face first and covers Kelly for win! Rosemary and Havok are the new TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Champions.


We go backstage to Gia Miller taking to Steve Maclin who won his match against Rich Swann on the pre-show. He says that the new TNA is his era. It’s mayhem for all.

TNA President is Scott D’Amore is out next with the AAA president Dorian Roldan Pena. They announce a partnership. Scott and Dorian sign the agreement as the fans give out a thank you Scott. Scott says its time to put wrestling politics aside and let the best wrestling in the world compete with each other.

AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo is out first. It was announced his the longest-reigning Mega champion at 778 days. Kushida is out next. The Champion Chris Sabin out last.

TNA X-Division Championship Match: Chris Sabin (c) vs. El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Kushida

The bell rings as we are underway! The fans are fired up! All three men lock up trying to take each other down. Vikingo kicks Kushida and takes down Sabin as all three men are up. Kushida takes down Vikingo and Sabin with big arm drags. Sabin goes to the outside and Kushida drops Sabin on his back on the floor. In the ring, Kushida drops Vikingo and kicks him in the mid-section ad Vikingo gets up. Vikingo goes to the ropes and takes down Sabin who is back in the ring. Vikingo kicks Kushida in the back of the head. Vikingo has Kushida tied up as Sabin breaks the hold…the champ delivers German Suplexes on the challengers. Kushida is sent to ropes…Sabin has Vikingo in a submission hold as Kushida breaks the hold, kicking Sabin to the back of the head. Sabin has Kushida and Vikingo locked up. The hold is broken…Sabin sends Kushida on his back with a big boot to the face. Kushida recovers and sends Vikingo into Sabin in the corner. Kushida nails the champ as he then attempts a hover board lock on Sabin, but Vikingo comes from behind, taking out Sabin and Kushida as they both go to the floor…Vikingo then lands on Sabin and Kushida with a huge moonsault on the floor! All three men make their back in the ring…All three men take each other out! Sabin up first, then Kushida. Sabin kicks Kushida in the mid-section and then picks up Vikingo and drops his down…Sabin covers Vikingo, but its broken up by Kushida. Vikingo sends Kushida to the floor. Vikingo hits Sabin with a big knee to the face! Vikingo then delivers a huge 450 on Sabin on the ramp! Vikingo is up on the top rope as Kushida climbs up and has Vikingo in a hover board lock and comes down with Vikingo…Kushida still has the hover board locked in, but Sabin breaks it up as he comes down from the ropes. Kushida is sent to the outside as Vikingo chops Sabin in the chest…The action goes the outside on the ramp. From the second rope, Sabin hits Vikingo with a Canadian Destroyer on the ramp! Sabin takes down Kushida with a German Suplex from the top rope! Sabin drops Kushida with the cradle shock to retain!


We go to a video package with Alex Hammerstone, who recently left MLW. The video shows Josh Alexander answering the open challenge. This is the same video that was on Hammerstone’s X recently.

Alex Hammerstone is out first as we get ready for our next match. Josh Alexander is out next.

Josh Alexander vs. Alex Hammerstone

The bell rings as we begin! We get Walking Weapon and Hammerstone dual chants. Both men lock up. Both men go to the corner as the ref calls for the break. Alexender has Josh locked up in a headlock, but Josh breaks out of it. Both men jaw at each other as Alex slaps Josh and sends him down. Alex then launches Josh to the floor. Alexender then leaps over the ropes taking down Josh. Both men are back in the ring as Josh grabs Hammerstone and works on his arm. Hammerstone goes to the corner as Alexender grabs the leg of Hammerstone and takes him down with a dragon screw…Alexander continues to work on the leg of Hammerstone and then hits a knee to the ankle of Hammerstone. As Hammerstone is up, Alexander hits a series of chops to the chest of Hammerstone. Hammerstone then grabs Alexander and drops him hard…Alexander then nails Hammerstone, but he picks up Alexander as he makes his way to the apron and then reverses it and slams Hammerstone on the apron. Hammerstone is down on the floor. Alexander rolls Hammerstone back in the ring and follows up with a big knee to the back of the head. Alexander then applies the ankle lock, but Hammerstone powers out of it. Alexander kicks Hammerstone who the gets fired up! Alexander then kicks Hammerston in the face, but it has no affect as Hammerstone picks up Alexander high and drops him hard on the mat! Hammerstone then hits a series of blows to Alexander in the corner. Hammerstone tweaks his leg as he charges Alexander. Hammerstone still is able to take down Alexander. Hammerstone goes for a big boot to the face of Alexander who ducks it and applies the ankle lock on Hammerstone…the ref checks on Hammerstone who is crawling to the bottom rope and makes it! Alexander looks frustrated. Hammerstone is up as Alexander tries for a German Suplex, but Hammerstone blocks it. Alexander goes for a C-4 spike, but Hammerstone counters as he picks up Alexander and spikes him down hard. Alexander is on the apron…Hammerstone picks up Alexander as both men are on the apron. Hammerstone then picks up Alexander and drops him on the apron with a big death valley driver! Both men are back in the ring as Hammerstone picks up Alexander and drops him with a big TKO! Hammerstone covers Alexander who kicks out at two! We get this is awesome chants! Hammerstone picks up Alexander, but he counters with forearm shots to the face. Alexander then tries a roller forearm, but Hammerstone counters and then powerbombs Alexander and covers him, but Alexander kicks out! Alexander then hits Hammerstone with a forearm and picks him up and delivers a C-4 Spike and covers Hammerstone for the 1, 2, 3!


We go to a video package on the legacy of the TNA Tag Team Division.

The Rascalz are out first for the TNA Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way. Larado Kid and Mike Bailey are out next. The former NXT tag team Grizzled Young Veterans are out next. The Bullet Club music hits as the tag team champions are out last.

*Fatal 4-Way TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) (c) vs. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey and Laredo Kid) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake)

The bell rings as we begin. Miguel is jawing at everyone. Austin and Gibson lock up. Drake is tagged in as works on the arm of Austin. Austin gets out of the hold. Both men lock up as Drake works on the arm of Austin. Bay is tagged in as the tag champs double team Drake. Miguel is tagged in as The Rascalz double team the champions. Laredo Kid is tagged in as he and Mike Bailey double team The Rascalz. Gibson is tagged in as now everyone is in the ring. The ref is trying to restore order as the fans chant let them fight! The Grizzled Young Vets go after Bailey and Laredo Kid. Bailey fights back with kicks…Gibson tags in Drake as both men double team Bailey with drops kicks. Drake sends Bailey to the mat with a huge right hand. Drake then nails Bailey with a big elbow! Gibson covers Bailey, but Bailey kicks out at two! Gibson again nails Bailey and tries for another pin attempt as Bailey kicks out at two! Drake is tagged in as he attempts to pin Bailey who kicks out at two! Drake has Bailey in a headlock as Bailey makes it to his feet. Wentz tags himself in as Wentz delivers a big German Suplex on Drake. Larado Kid is in as he takes down Drake…Wentz and Larado Kid are on the top…Larado then picks up Larado and drops him on the mat as Kid covers Wentz for just a two count…The tag champs are in ad double team Miguel with kicks to the face. Austin and Bay take out Wentz with kicks to the face….Austin drops Wentz with a neckbreaker and covers him, but Wentz kicks out at two. Bailey is in as is Larado Kid. GYV double team Wentz and cover him, but Kids breaks it up! GY drop Wentz with a doomsday device, but Bailey breaks up the attempted pin. Kid sends Wentz to the corner as Bailey is tagged in..Bailey sends Gibson to the floor. In the ring its Drake and Kid…Bailey, Kid and Drake are on the tope…Bailey sends Drake to the mat! Bailey comes off the top and lands hard on Drake and covers him, but the pin attempt is broken up by The Rascalz, who tagged themselves in. Wentz and Miguel double team GYV as Miguel covers Drake, but the champs break up the pin attempt…GYV are out of the ring as The Rascalz and ABC duke it out. Austin sends Wentz to the outside as Bay picks up Miguel and slams him on his back and covers him for the pin to retain.


*Trent Seven was originally scheduled to be the tag team partner for Mike Bailey. TNA Wrestling announced on social media that Seven is experiencing travel issues due to bad weather in the northeast.

They show Ash By Elegance is at ringside…she is the former Dana Brooke from WWE who was released this past September. She was the woman in the limo from earlier in the night.

The challenger is out first, followed by the defending champion in Trinity who is rumored to be heading back to WWE. Jade Chung does the ring introductions for this title match.

TNA Knockouts World Championship Match: Trinity (c) defends against Jordynne Grace

The bell rings as we are underway! Both women shake hands. Both women lock up as the Grace then backs away clean. Trinity gets the fans fired up. Grace sends Trinity to the ropes…Grace calls for a test of strength. Trinity takes down Grace with a back kick. Trinity then sends Grace down with a kicks to the face. Grace recovers and picks up Trinity and dumps her hard on the tail bone. Grace covers Trinity who kicks out at two. Grace picks up Trinity who hits Grace with forearms…Trinity charges Grace as she comes off the ropes, but Grace catches her and drops her to the mat. Trinity recovers and heads to the top and comes down spiking Grace to the mat…Trinity covers Grace who kicks out at two. Grace recovers as Grace sends Trinity face first to the mat. Grace picks up Trinity who fires back with big rights to the face of Trinity as she rolls to the outside…Grace leaps through ropes onto Trinity on the floor. Grace attempts to picks up Trinity who reverses it and drops Grace on her back onto the floor. The ref begins the ten count as both women make it back in the ring. Trinity then kicks Grace as she drops to one knee. Trinity then drops Grace with a split legged moonsault and covers Grace who kicks out at two. Grace has Trinity in a full nelson as Trinity is down. Trinity makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Grace then picks up Trinity and puts her on the top rope. Grace attempts a superplex, but Trinity headbutts her as Grace goes down…Grace recovers and hits Trinity and picks her up and drops her with a huge muscle buster! Grace covers Trinity, but she kicks out at two!…Trinity applies the starstuck on Grace, who gets out of the hold as Trinity nails Grace with a rearview, but Grace kicks out at two! Both women are on the apron. Trinity kicks Grace in the side of the head. Trinity then drops Grace on her head on the apron. Trinity sends Grace in the ring and covers her…1, 2, NO! GRACE KICKS OUT! We get this is awesome chants from the Vegas crowd. Trinity and Grace exchange backfists…Trinity hits a knee strike on Grace and then a powerbomb and covers Grace who kicks out! Trinity applies the starstruck, but Grace picks her up as Trinity grabs the ropes…Grace then backfists Trinity and drops her with a juggernaut driver for pin.


We go to a video package hyping up our main event match.

The challenger Moose is out first as we get loud Moose chants. The defending TNA World Champion is out next. He is with Kushida and Chris Sabin who head backstage. Jade Chung did the ring introductions.

TNA World Championship Match: Alex Shelley (c) defends against Moose

The bell rings as we begin this title match…Shelley looks at Moose intensely. Moose extends his hand as Shelley slaps it and spits water in the face of Moose. Shelley charges Moose and slaps him, but Moose grabs Shelley…Moose charges at Shelley who moves out of the way and grabs Moose’s left arm, brining him down to the mat. Moose makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Shelley again grabs the left arm of Moose and works on it. Shelley then breaks the hold and goes to the second rope and drop kicks Moose in the arm. Shelley goes to the floor…Moose holding his left arm, chops Shelley in the chest with his right arm. Moose grabs Shelley and sends him face first on the ring apron. Moose sends Shelley back first to the ring apron. Moose still holding his left arm, goes back in the ring quickly to break the ten count, but then rolls back out. Moose then slaps Shelley and then rolls back inside to reset the ten count again as he is favoring his left arm. Moose picks up Shelley with one good arm and slams Shelley hard to the mat on the floor. Moose rolls back inside again to reset the ten count…Shelley is back in the ring as Moose is on the ring apron. Shelley grabs the bad arm of Moose and twists it as Moose is on the apron back first. Shelley works on the injured arm of Moose and then stomps on the elbow. Moose rolls to the center of the ring as Shelley kicks Moose to face and covers him for just a two count. Moose grabs Shelley who then counters by snapping the elbow of the bad arm of Moose. Shelley has Moose in a hover board lock like hold. Moose breaks the hold and picks up Shelley sending him face first into the top turnbuckle. Moose then hammers away on the champ! Moose then stomps on the hand of Shelley. Moose then stomps on the ankle of Shelley. Moose follows up with a big slap to the face of Shelley. Moose taunts Shelley who gets up and fires back, but Moose drops Shelley and covers him, but Shelley kicks out. Moose chops Shelley, who challenges Moose to slap him again. Shelley then counters the chop and goes after the left arm, as Moose picks up Shelley, but Shelley counters with a big DDT as Moose goes down. Shelley is fired up and grabs the injured left arm of Moose and sends him to the floor and then goes to the outside, sending Moose to the barricade. Moose then sends Shelley hard on the ring apron face first, but Shelley counters and sends Moose face first to the ring post as both men are down. Shelley rolls back in the ring. Moose is back up on his feet and just beats the ten count. Shelley covers Moose, who kicks out at two! Shelley sends Moose to the turnbuckle. Shelley covers Moose, but he kicks out…Moose is up and picks up Shelley and powerbombs him! Moose covers Shelley who kicks out at two! Both men are down…Moose is up first as Shelley uses the ropes to get up…Moose attempts a spear on Shelley who moves out of the way and hits the ring post…Shelley hits Moose with a sliced bread and covers Moose, but he kicks out…Angelo Williams is out with the System, but Sabin and Kushida send them to the back. Shelley got distracted, but its not enough as Shelley sends Moose onto the ramp…Moose kicks Shelley, but he counters and uses the arm to drop Moose on the ramp shoulder first. Both men are down as we get this is awesome chants…the ref begins the ten count. Moose rolls back in the ring from the ramp…Shelley is back in as he continues the assault on the left arm of the challenger. Moose chops Shelley, but Shelley comes back with a series of chops on Moose. Moose then chops Shelley on his back. Shelley then recovers and hits Moose with forearm blasts…Shelley then drops Moose with huge clothesline…As Moose is up, Shelley superkicks him…Moose then counters with a big spear and quickly covers Shelley to get the win!


Moose celebrates in the ring as he looks on at the talent applauding him in the ring…

Music hits…a graphic for Nic Nemeth, the former Dolph Ziggler is on the screen…Moose turns around and looks surprised. Nemeth then levels Moose with a superkick and then goes into the crowd and pulls apart his shirt, wearing a TNA tank top, as the show goes off the air with TNA chants.

Also, per TNA Wrestling President Scott D’Amore, ‘one of the biggest signings’ in company history will be revealed. D’Amore said further the signing will really ‘shake things up.”