Update on WWE’s Seth Rollins following legitimate injury on 1/15 Raw

According to a new report from PWInsider Elite, WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has been removed from the card for this weekend’s house shows at the Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama, and the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi.

The report also notes that WWE is now advertising Randy Orton is now being advertised as the substitute for Rollins at both house shows.

We reported this past Tuesday, that Rollins had suffered a legitimate injury during his title defense against Jinder Mahal on Monday night’s WWE Raw. Reports had indicated that he may have injured his left leg late in the match. The belief is that Rollins tweaked his leg after hitting Mahal with a lionsault. Reports further noted that backstage Rollins was able to walk on his own, but seen with a definite limp.

Rollins is expected to undergo testing soon, which includes an MRI to determine the extent of his injury.