Report on internal reaction to Vince McMahon’s exit from TKO, WWE

According to PWInsider Elite, the internal reaction to Vince McMahon’s resignation was said to be a combination of relief and happiness, depending on who was asked. In addition, there are some that felt McMahon got what he deserved and what was coming to him.

The report also notes there was a feeling more dominoes would fall after the announcement by Slim Jim that they were pausing all their promotional activities with WWE, thus leaving no other choice for McMahon to exit from the company. It was said no one had expected that he (McMahon) would have resigned as fast as he did.

PWInsider Elite additionally notes that some within WWE are glad to see Vince McMahon gone, as he was said to have been a “black cloud hanging over everything”, even when he was not directly involved in day-to-day business.

Furthermore, it is said some in WWE hope Stephanie McMahon could make her return, now that her father is officially out the company. However, others in the company did point out that it would be difficult to know or tell what role Stephanie would have or where she could fit in exactly now that Endeavor has majority ownership of WWE.

The report concluded by saying that there is a belief within the company that Endeavor may “sweep out” those who are close to Vince McMahon, which includes those who are from his remaining team, with the hope of having a clean slate going forward.

McMahon, who has dominated the world of professional wrestling for half a century, taking his father’s regional territory to a global worldwide phenomenon, resigned from TKO, WWE a day after the horrific details of a lawsuit alleging that he sexually trafficked a female employee emerged.

The lawsuit, filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant, accuses McMahon of a range of disturbing behaviors. Grant alleges she was a victim of physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking while working at WWE. The lawsuit describes McMahon recruiting people to have sex with Grant at WWE headquarters and subjecting her to “acts of extreme cruelty and degradation.”

The lawsuit also implicates John Laurinaitis, former Head of Talent Relations at WWE.